Turn to Sites You Like

One of the easiest ways to look for work online is to turn to the sites you like. While it works really, really well for tech jobs and computer or Internet related talents, you’d be surprised how all different types of company sites actually list job openings.

While some of the job listings you’ll find might be traditional office jobs, you just might get lucky and find job openings that either offer some flexible time if not total telecommuting options.

One way to begin perusing sites for job openings is to make it a habit. If you often go to weather.com to check your local weather forecast, why not stop in to see what job openings they might have while you’re there?

What? You didn’t know they post their job openings? Sure they do! Unfortunately, they all seem to be “in office” jobs. So unless you live in or near Atlanta (their National Headquarters), and you want to drive to work, you’re out of luck here today. But that’s okay. It only took five seconds to see that they’re looking for an Administrative Assistant, a Broadcast Engineer and some good folks for the Accounts Payable department.

The point is, it never hurts to look!

So, here are some basic rules for looking for the job openings on your favorite sites:

*Most sites don’t feature their job openings. You’ll need to scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for links there.

*Some sites use a simple “Career” link instead of “Job Openings” and still others get even more creative and bury the job openings in the “about us” or “contact us” pages. Nike.com actually has a link buried down on the bottom of the page that says, “About Us/Jobs.” Then you can sort your job search by country – then by your area of interest.

*Some job listings on sites include a search function. Try searching for “telecommuting” or “telework” or looking at advanced search features to choose travel time or location. For example, Nike has a huge selection of jobs with great search features. Unfortunately, I didn’t see anything that didn’t require time spent in-office. Then again, they DO offer 50 percent off company products. So if you wear through a lot of running shoes… 😉

*You can always use search functions if you can’t find any job openings on a site. In Firefox, you’ll find the search function in “edit.” Or you can use the google tool bar search this page only feature. In Explorer -I’m not certain if there is a search this page feature.

If you’re looking telecommuting work opportunities – be tenacious. You never know where you’ll find that perfect opportunity.

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