US Organizations Waste $2.8 Billion Powering Unused PCs

Be a responsible telecommuter and power down your PC when you’re not working…

“If all the world’s 1 billion PC’s were powered down for just one night – it would save enough energy to light up New York City’s Empire State Building – inside and out – for more than 30 years”


“Collectively, US organizations waste $2.8 billion every year powering 108 million unused PCs. In 2009, these unused PCs are expected to emit approximately 20 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions – roughly equivalent to the impact of 4 million cars. As an example, for an organization with 1,000 PCs, this amounts to approximately $26,000 per year.”

Source: Sumir Karayi, CEO 1E
1E Energy Awareness Campaign – PC Energy Report US 2009


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