QuietHire.com – Your Anonymous Job Search

It’s always a good idea to explore your options. But traditional job boards often require you to create an account and post a resume. If you already have job and are just looking to explore options, or you’re really eager to make a change but don’t want to chance possible repercussion to your current job security if you posted your resume on line than the choice was often to spend time surfing traditional job boards, lurking to see what you can find without posting personal information for potential new employers (and the world) to see.

Enter QuietHire. Up and running for nearly a year now, I received their initial press release (Hot New Employment Site Protects Candidate Identity) but decided I’d wait to see how things went on the site before including the press release here or trying it out for myself.

Then I promptly forgot all about it until today when I decided I’d go check it out again. I looked around at the press releases (last one was from last August, 2008) and their blog (a blogspot add-on) and figured I’d create a profile just for fun since it IS totally anonymous and nothing is shared, interested employers send messages to your profile inbox and you then choose whether to follow up or not.

So, we’ll see. I love the concept but I’m not sure it’s taken off as well as the founders planned.