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The MyZip Network is building “the first nationwide network of neighborhood blogs” and they’re looking for San Francisco Bay Area bloggers. The pay is 50 bucks a month. It’s not going to pay your bills, but it’s definitely a job you can do part time from home.

Here’s what they say about the compensation:

We are hard at work creating a generous compensation system that rewards bloggers and non-profits in the towns and neighborhoods where the bloggers live and write. Be part of the network and help us shape a system that keeps neighborhood blogging alive.

During our trial period, we are compensating bloggers who are helping us create the first stages of the network by giving us valuable feedback as we build the service.

They require that you post at least 5 articles and pictures about your neighborhood each week. So for starters your compensation breaks down like this:

There are 12 months in a year: $50 x 12 months = $600.00 per year.
(By the way – $600 is the cut-off for filing with Uncle Sam.)
There are 52 weeks in a year: 52 weeks x 5 postings & pictures a week = 260 postings & pictures
That comes to $2.31 per post and picture.

So figure out how long it takes you to write a decent posting about your neighborhood and you’ll be able to calculate your hourly wage. Let’s say one good post takes you about fifteen minutes. Since that would mean you could do four postings in an hour, you’d be making $9.24 per hour. Course, that’s contingent on being able to churn out a posting in fifteen minutes. Take 30 minutes on a posting and you’re down to earning only $4.62 per hour.

If you’re interested, submit your info to see if you live in an area they’re looking to cover: myZip Regional Trial Registration

Examples of current MyZip blogs:

If you’ve got the time and need something to get you moving online, this just might be good to test the waters and see what it’s like to work in your PJ’s. But you should probably get dressed before heading out to take those pictures to include.

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