Jogger Blobs and Blogger Jobs

I like to read blogs and came across this interesting blog today all about jogging. Cathy’s blog is brutallly honest and probably keeps her jogging more than she would if she didn’t have a blog to fill. Reading it makes you want to pull for her and it makes me wonder if the lady who walks the dog down my street twice a day goes home and posts about her adverntures in a blog of her own.

Cathy’s entries were also making me feel a bit guilty for just sitting at my compter, but I know that if I took off jogging down my road I’d look more like a jogging blob so instead I decided to keep perusing blogs and ran (pun intended) across a blog about, you guessed it, blogger jobs. Now that’s pretty cool!

Whoda thunk there would be an entire blog devoted to blogger jobs? Well, there is! is owned by BlogMedia, Inc. and most, if not all, of the postings appear to have been made by Matt Craven.

Just to cite an example blog job description, March 22nd’s entry asks for Mobile & Gadget Bloggers:

We’re looking for 4 or more bloggers to join BlogMedia as bloggers on our new mobile & gadget properties – Mobile Herald and Gadzooki.We’re looking for 7-10 quality mobile / gadget posts a week.

Interested? Drop us a note at jobs [at] blogmedia [dot] biz with 2 sample posts for the site(s) you are interested in along with a little bit about yourself.

I doubt a blogging gig will afford you the ability to quit your day job, but it sure can be a fun way to share your interests with the world at large and if you can get paid for that – that’s a pretty cool thing.


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