Assemble Booklets at Home? Yeah, Right…

Premier Mailing Service, Inc.’s Work At Home Scam Busted

My husband got a letter in the mail just the other day – addressed directly to his more common nickname instead of to his formal name (which makes me wonder where they snagged our address) offering him *UP TO* $4,500 a week for assembling “Get Credit Now” booklets at home.

If you’ve been looking for work at home opportunities – chances are someone down the line has gotten your mailing address and sold it or passed it along down the line. Or maybe like me – ten years later your spouse gets a work at home offer in the mailbox.

I can safely say that ANY letter that comes to your home address totally unsolicited and offers you a work-at-home opportunity is a scam. Here’s how you can tell this one’s a scam even before you Google it!

They Want $$ from You…

The tallest and brightest red flag is the fact that this one page letter ends with a ‘registration form’ that looks more like an ORDER form. Yep. They are asking for money. (A $45 refundable deposit plus $5 shipping.)
What’s the money for – well, that’s the second red flag. Here’s what they say:

We would love to get you started without any registration fee, but to make sure that you’re a serious home worker, we’re going to require a $45.00 REFUNDABLE FEE. This fee will be returned to you after you’ve mailed off your first one hundred booklets.”

There are a LOT of problems with this rationale. IF they are taking your money only to disqualify people who are not serious about working from home, why not make it even tougher to get in. Why not require folks to attach a resume or brief work history and then answer an essay question. It takes me a lot longer to write an essay than it does for me to write a check.

There’s No Return Address on the Envelope…

Always a clue! Not including a return address on the outside of the envelope is just bad business. AND, the address they give on the order form (I mean, registration form) is a post office box. While there’s no harm in having a post office box through which to conduct business – there IS harm in having ONLY a post office box to contact them for their refund guarantee. To make matters worse, the company address inside the letter is in Naples, Florida. The post office that processed the letter is in Corpus Christi, Texas (and I live on the east coast). At the very least, I’d mail something to the PO Box to see if I got an answer. I might also mail stacks of monopoly money to the post office box address if I were bored enough and had an extra stamp to spare. After all, the letter didn’t specify it has to be real, legal U.S. tender.

Their Guarantee Isn’t Backed Up with Specifics

Their “unconditional guarantee”…

Register with our program now, and start stapling our booklets at home. If you’re not making the kind of money that you desire after working with us for sixty days, just return our instruction manual for a full refund of your registration fee, plus an additional $35…just for giving our program an honest try. We stand by our promise…but more importantly, we’re confident that you’ll make good money working with us.

They make the guarantee sound too attractive, offering an additional $35, to ease your gut-instinct fears and keep you from noticing that they don’t tell you exactly how to go about getting that refund.
They also forget to tell you that they aren’t going to reimburse the $5 you sent in for shipping (so that brings that $35 something-for-nothing down to $30). And then there’s the shipping costs you’ll incur when you return the instruction manual. They offer to send you a stapler, too, so maybe you’ll have to send that back as well when you go after your refund.

I’m certain that whatever you get in return is worth nothing close to $50 and won’t cost them $5 to ship it (if they send you anything at all). They don’t include a response envelope for the form – nor do they even enclose a form to fill out. You’d have to cut the bottom of the letter off and mail it in. And guess what – that’s where the address is – on the form you just cut off and mailed in. So unless you made copies of the front and back of the letter, you’d have little to go on to try to get a refund.

It Sounds too Good to Be True

eve is offered two applesNothing is ever as good as it sounds. When the letter touts all the great benefits you’ll receive, the chances are high that you’re not getting a very accurate picture of the real deal at all. There’s GOT to be something in it for them — otherwise they wouldn’t have gone through the trouble of buying a mailing list and sending out the letters. It’s not likely that you’re going to be pulling in over $4,000 a week stapling booklets. They could go to a printer and have the work done for much less.

Imagine, though, if they sent out 100 letters and got 20 responses with checks for fifty dollars enclosed. That’s a pretty quick $1,000 return on investment. Not bad, huh. What if I told you that YOU could make $1,000 for an hour’s work and $42 in stamps? The catch is that you’d have to be scamming people who are looking for legitimate work at home to do it.

Perhaps the real idea here is to get you to do the same thing – take the sample letter and recruit other people to do the stapling. There’s a hand-written code on my letter, G4-LV7772, so they’re tracking something (either the referral or the mailing list).

Google it…

If you ever find yourself reaching for your checkbook, please Google the company name on the letter before you send them you’re hard-earned money.

Google “Premier Mailing Service, Inc.” find these mentions right on the first page of results:

Got First-Hand Knowledge?

If anyone has first hand knowledge of Premier Mailing Service, Inc. and their booklet stapling offers and would like to either vent frustrations or include additional advice to others, feel free to leave a comment here.

And if anyone who actually sends out these letters would like to explain or defend themselves, feel free to attempt to do so in the comments here as well.


  1. Thanks for bring this up to the public. I just received this same letter today and notice the post mark came from Santa Clarita California, instead of Naples, Fl. I also took notice in the lack of contact information. Once again…thanks. You saved me $45.00!

  2. da~~it. i just did this! i hope it isn’t a scam! mine was from fort lauderdale, flordia. but, everything else in this article is true! da~~it, da~~it, da~~it!!! i KNEW i should have made a copy!!!

  3. Glad I saved you the $$, James! That makes me quite happy.

    And for the person who sent in the $$, take heart – you’re not the first or the last to get taken in and yep, you should have made a copy. And you should always look before you leap. Look for information about the company with the BBB and online before sending in that check or money order. I wish you the best of luck getting something out of it. Please let us all know what happens and whether or not you ever get your money back.

    The Silver Lining if you DID get taken in:
    Lesson Learned – and it could have been a much more expensive one!

  4. I will be going to florida in a couple of months.. and though I did not fall for their scam of stapling credit books.. I am going to visit this premier mailing place in Naples fla. It is just a post office box..but I can find it and video the people who visit the box to collect their mail.. and then follow them to where they are going to count the money.. I assure you that these people will regret ever sending me the phony letter.. I am not stupid and they will find out in just a few months what their stupidity is going to cost them.. this is going to be fun..

  5. They have changed the name under which they’re sending their letters so it took me a long time to find this page. According to what I’ve read though, it’s the exact same letter, just a different name. They’re calling themselves Info Source Enterprise Inc now and changed the PO Box location to Fort Meyers, FL. Just thought that might be helpful if someone else ends up searching for that one instead of their old name.

  6. Thank you for the comment and the info!

    If it’s not the same company, it’s probably one just like it. Maybe the same people change names dozens of times or maybe it’s just that a lot of people get in on the same types of scams. I did a quick BBB search and looked at the Info Source Enterprise Inc. BBB reliability report.

    The company has a physical address and the PO address and is owned by Ms. Sonya Murray. It’s not a BBB Accredited corporation (incorporated in May of 2007 in Florida) with the BBB file open date of November 2007. I also noticed that this on the report:

    “The BBB has requested basic information from this company. The BBB has not received a response. Without this information, the BBB may not have current information concerning such things as the company’s management or its nature of business.”

    I didn’t find anything else for either the company name or the owner’s name. Makes ya wonder, doesn’t it. The Google results for the business name, in quotes, came up empty. Maybe given a little more time Google will return this page and other pages like it.

  7. My husband just brought me a letter today and I got online immediately to find out something about it because it sounded fishy to me. What made it fishy was that there was no contact number, or no specific name. The only “person” the letter refers to is the “Program Manager”. I mean if this was a company that could really afford to pay you as much as they say they could, then they wouldn’t need a $40.00 fee. But someone who did need the fee would be a lowlife trying to scam people out of their money.

    Anyways….the company’s name that I got the letter under was SOURCE ECONOMIC/M.A.ENT.-P.O. BOX 190340-FT. LAUDERDALE,FL. 33319. Things like this really bother me, because you have scam artists like this one that rip off hard working people that really would like to find something like this that is just to good to be true.
    A Stay At Home Mom

  8. Sounds like a good way to make some fast money. I’m like most people, it sounds to good to be on the level. I got a letter today. I believe it is a scam.

  9. I received this letter from Info Source Enterprise Inc. Common sense tells you it’s a scam. Anyway, I am going to contact the AG for Illinois to report this. Since it is crossing state boundaries and using the US Postal Service, there may also be a federal offense involved.

  10. I have spent lots of $$$$$$$ on letters like this one from Source Economic/M.A. Ent. before my daughter told me to go to this website. Thank you for saving me lots of $$$$$$$$ in the future. It comforts me that I am not the only sucker. Thank you again.

  11. I got this letter yesterday from Info Source Enterprises, Inc. located at P.O. Box 60097, Fort Myers, FL 33906. Shockingly, it is postmarked from Fort Myers, FL. 10 bucks for stuffing an envelope. 50 bucks to join their program. I’m always looking for a work at home program, but every single one I get in my email or snail mail is the same. A scam. Someone somewhere is making 50 bucks every time someone sends 50 bucks to join a bogus program. It doesn’t take too much brain power to figure this one out.

  12. We received the letter Post Marked March 11, 2008. No return address, mailed from Colorado Springs, CO. Company name: Premier Mailing Service PO Box 7159 Naples FL. Don’t fall for it! This has scam written all over it.

  13. I also received a letter from Info Source Enterprise Inc. P.O. Box 60097 Fort Myers, FL 33906 claiming I could make up to $5,000 or more stuffing envelopes from home. I went online and immediately starting searching for information on the company and found your website. Thanks for the information. I thought it was probably a scam and of course it is. It is so discouraging because I am also a stay at home mom who has searched long and hard online (which is probably how they got my information) to try to find something legit that I can earn some income from home. Unfortunately, I haven’t been successful in finding anything and I’m glad that there are websites like this to warn us of scams that do make it to our mailbox.

  14. I just received the same letter today from Info Source Enterprise Inc. in Fort Myers, Fl… I knew it sounded too good to be true so immediately I went to the WWW to do some research and come upon this thread… I checked the BBB and couldn’t find anything on the company. It states the same thing as mentioned in previous posts that if you send in a certain amount of money they send you all the supplies for stuffing envelopes and get paid $500-$1000 week. It’s a shame because so many people are looking to make extra cash from home and most get scammed! Is there ANY LEGIT work at home companies to make extra income??????

  15. This is the update from the BBB on Info Source Enterprise Inc…

    The BBB reports on businesses, both accredited and non-accredited. If an organization is a BBB Accredited business, it is stated in this report.

    Name: Info Source Enterprise, Inc.
    Address: 19399 Orchidtree Ct, Lehigh Acres, FL 33936-7325
    Entity: Corporation
    Incorporated: May 2007, FL
    File Open Date: November 2007
    TOB Classification: Work-At-Home Companies
    BBB Accreditation: This organization is not a BBB Accredited business.

    The BBB has requested basic information from this company. The BBB has not received a response. Without this information, the BBB may not have current information concerning such things as the company’s management or its nature of business.

    Customer Experience
    When considering complaint information, please take into account the company’s size and volume of transactions, and understand that the nature of complaints and a firm’s responses to them are often more important than the number of complaints. The BBB processed a total of 2 complaints about this company in the last 36 months, our standard reporting period.Of the total of 2 complaints closed in 36 months, 2 were closed in the last year.

    Delivery Issues BBB Definition:
    Delivery Issues – Claims alleging delayed delivery of ordered merchandise.

    Resolved BBB Definition:
    Resolved – The company resolved the complaint issues.

    1 – Company resolved BBB Definition:
    resolved – The company resolved the complaint issues.
    the complaint issues. The consumer acknowledged acceptance to the BBB.

    1 – Company addressed the complaint issues. The consumer failed to acknowledge acceptance to the BBB.

    Advertising Review
    On February 1, 2008 the BBB asked the company to substantiate its advertising claims (listed below)

    The BBB reviews business advertising, (newspaper, magazine, TV, radio, internet) routinely to ensure that it is truthful and ethical. Claims in advertising are measured against basic advertising principles of the BBB Code of Advertising (BBB Code of Advertising) which was developed to guide advertisers, advertising agencies and advertising media…

    1. “UP TO $5,000.00 WEEKLY! Assembling our booklets at home… $25.00 per booklet . . . Guaranteed!”
    2. “You will be paid $25.00 for each booklet that you assemble as per our instruction.”
    3. “You’ll receive advance payment for each booklet that you staple. That means that you’ll receive $1250.00 for stapling fifty booklets, $2,500.00 for stapling one hundred booklets, and $3,750.00 for stapling one hundred and fifty booklets. If you staple more booklets for the wee, you’ll make more money”
    4. “As you can see, all you need to do is work three to six hours each week in order to make $1,250.00 to $3750.00 and more for the week.”

    The request for substantiation is still pending.

    Additional Contact Information
    Additional Addresses
    PO Box 60097
    Fort Myers, FL 33906-6097

  16. I was tricked and sent $150 refundable fee to Info Sourse Enterprise Inc. P.O. Box 60097 Fort Myers FL. 33906. I recieved a box from ups with letters to stuff in addressed envelopes where I need to supply stamps. No Phone number to contact.The letter go out to more people to get them to send money to get setup stapling books.Quite an enterprise. I will take all I have to turn into to post master for investigation. I wish I looked at this before I sent money.Why I did not stick with when it is to good to be true it probably is not.

  17. I received a letter today. I thought I would check it out before I sent money. Thank you for posting this. My letter said Source Economic/M.A. Ent…..Fort Lauderdale, FL. Hope this helps someone else also.

  18. i received a letter stating that i can make up $3,000 a week for stuffing letters. i thought it was too good to be true but since i am in need of a better financial situation… so i was about to send the money in until i decided to google it and came across this website. i got to say thank you for this kind of information to let me know that this is a scam. thank you for saving me money.

  19. The funny thing is Source Economic/M.A. Enterprises gets people to stuff and mail out their “special letters” about booklet stapling from home which explains all of the different post offices these things come from. I can say from experience that if you get the letter from them about what is basically a letter stuffing thing and you send in money then you do get a bunch of letters, envelopes, and mailing labels a few weeks later; but that’s about all you’ll be getting for your purchase… at least so far as I know. I’ll give another post if they end up sending me anything else.

  20. I got this Letter a few days ago in the mail, and I was skeptical also, but I did some checking around and I called the post office in Fort Myers, Fl. They told me it was a scam also. I am so glad I found this page. Thank You so much for saving me $50.00. They wanted $45.00 for registration fee plus $5 for shipping and handling.

  21. I also received a letter from Info Source Enterprise. I have been seeing a lot of information on the news lately about scams. I can see why, what an easy way to make some money. Anyways, I really wanted to do it, it seemed easy and I could always use some extra money. I ‘Google’d the name and also checked the BBB. I am glad that I found this site before I sent my money. It seemed like a lot of money to be making in just one week and my fiance asked me lots of questions about the letter, many of which, I could not answer. That was when I found this site! Thanks to the editor of this article and to everyone who posted comments. I am sorry if anyone lost money, but I am glad you let other people know, hopefully if we keep doing this, we can put scammers out of business!

  22. I received this same letter from Info Source Enterprise Inc. Same lack of information, return address or other verifiable information, and also asking for the supposedly refundable $45.00 registration fee + $5.00 Shipping to be sent to PO BOX 60097 Fort Myers Florida, 33906, with the name Michael Anthoy, Program Director. It looked like a scam, smelled like a scam, and felt like a scam. I found (only) this page while looking for them…what does that say about that company? I THANK MY LUCKY TECHNOLOGY GOD for the Internet with which to research these kinds of things before I pay out my very hard to come by money. I think I will submit this offer to my local AG’s office, the USPS, and anyone else interested in taking down this phoney baloney scam company.

  23. A few days ago I received this same letter from Info Source Enterprise, Inc. P.O. Box 60097, Fort Myers, FL 33906 with a code number on the registration form being GD-DB8076 and the Program Director name being Michael Anthoy. The plain white envelope had no return address and the postmark was from St. Paul, Minnesota dated March 15, 2008. They are asking for a $45 refundable deposit plus $5 shipping. The letter stated that you can make from $1,250 to $3,750 for stapling booklets. Sounds too good to be true! I was gald that I showed this letter to a co-worker and also a family member. Both said it looks like a scam so I decided to google this company and the search brought me to this web site. I will bring this scam to my local United States Post Office for review.

  24. We received this letter on the same day as a card from a relative in Richlands, N.C. both having the same postal address and stamping. We do not usually open envelopes without return addresses, but since they were identical postmarks we did. It felt like a scam and upon this site was releived that we did not act upon it. Thanks

  25. Got one from from “Info Source Enterprise Inc” from “Michael Anthony” today. I was to send the $50 ($45 “refundable” +$5.00 shipping) to a PO Box in Fort Myers Florida but the envelope was postmarked “Las Vegas NV”. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Oh yeah, and it was sent to my mother at our address. Sadly the reason her correspondence comes to our address is that she passed away almost 10 years ago and as her son I took care of her estate.

  26. I received the same letter yesterday from Info Source Enterprise Inc. Same lack of information, return address or other verifiable information, and also asking for the supposedly refundable $45.00 registration fee + $5.00 Shipping to be sent to PO BOX 60097 Fort Myers Florida, 33906, with the name Michael Anthoy, Program Director.
    Thought it was a scam. Thanks to all for saving me $50.00.

  27. It’s amazing just how many people scams like this reach! Thanks to all of you who have contributed with your own comments and are helping to prevent others from falling victim to the hype and the false promises.

  28. Thank you to all of you for posting this information! My babysitter received this letter a couple of days ago from Info Source Enterprise Inc., P.O. Box 60097, Fort Myers, FL 33906; same as many of you. She asked me to look it up on-line for her. I thought it was a scam and now I am certain it is. It has all the same information as the rest of you. $45 refundable deposit plus $5 shipping and all the rest. If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is! It also had the program director as Michael Anthony. I am glad I found this website and that my babysitter didn’t waste her money! Thanks again!

  29. Right on schedule. Here in Jersey, got the same letter; like the rest of you, thought it was a scam, so I Googled and glad I did. I was SO tempted to give in. In foreclosure now and need extra cash desperately. These people are preying upon those who desperately need money who are in crisis. I hope they get caught!

  30. I’m surprised there are so many posts about this scam. I just found this by googling the company AFTER sending the good Michael Anthony a response to his scam. I told him he was working for “chump change” asking for 50 small for his scam. These chumps send out a mass mailing with the hopes that they get about a half to one % response. It’s not the same people sending this crap out. Not unusual for any of you to see post marks from different states but the $$$ was to be sent to Mark Anthony in Ft.Myers.
    ADVICE: whatever you get in the mail “hawking” a get rich quick type program contact the PO where the response goes to as well as YOUR PO and give them the info telling them IT IS A SCAM….not you think it’s a scam. They should follow it through. This is the best way to try to stop it. I told this Anthony person to contact me ASAP so I could teach him a high paying scam instead of his chump change loser program. Of course I don’t expect a response. Still can’t believe ANYONE would send money without checking the company out….just stupid.

  31. I received the same letter yeaterday. It came in my husbands name. He sends away for a lot of “work at home” opportunities. It looks like they are stepping up their mailings because it seems that there are more people recently that are complaining about this.

    I can’t believe that there is not a federal agency that is interested in these types of scams.

    I am so glad that I googled this company. It saved me $40 and more than that in aggravation. My letter was postmarked Birmingham Alabama. I think that the code number is to help track what mailing list they are using. The sad thing about this is that with the “registration form” fee being only $40, the people that can least afford to send the money are the ones that are going to reply to this bogus letter. I wish that there was a better way to warn people about this. I would venture to say that with as many people that look here, there are probably 100 times that that do not know that this site exists.

  32. Received same letter from Santa Anna Cal. Save your $$$$$, there is no way you can make this amount of money this easy.

  33. RM made a good point:
    “I can’t believe that there is not a federal agency that is interested in these types of scams.”

    Well, there are things you can do and since this comment list is getting so long, maybe I should also post some online resources for reporting these types of things. Many of the readers here have noted alerting their Post Office or the Post Office that postmarked the actual letter. But maybe we should all be filling out the US Postal Inspection form as well. You can do it right online: Mail Fraud Complaint at the USPS site. You could also write the Federal Trade Commission ( or contact your state Attorney General.

    I have to admit I like the idea of Al B. contacting Michael Anthony with an offer to get rich with him instead. But then again, I’ve also been known to return bulk mail response envelopes with trash and ad inserts included just for fun.

  34. Received the same letter in Atlanta, GA. I’m so thankful for the internet. I Google everything. This just sounded too good to be true. Thanks for your comments.

  35. I got this letter today! Sounded wayy too good to be true so I had to check into it. Thanks so much for saving me the $$!

  36. I have received this same mailing ten times in the last four weeks thought it seemed odd. Thanks to your website for “showing me the light”.

  37. These letters are sent out by people who have already been scammed. That explains the different locations.

    When the new victim replies back with the money, the sender (old victim) gets their cut. In this case, $10 for each reponse. You don’t simply get paid to send out letters.

    In addition, where do you get the addresses to send these packages? That’s right, they will probably try to sell you lists of addresses.
    This non-sense continues on and on. Whatever is being solicited is just a cover for these unprofessional, bloodsucking devils. We must educate these potential victims.

    Yes, save and protect your hard-earned money.

  38. @Shannon & Mark – Glad we could all help.

    @Mr. Rocco – You’re exactly right. It’s probably what keeps these businesses in business. One person gets taken, sees what the “real deal” is and in order to recover their losses they pass the misfortune on down the line. It’s a shame (and a pitiful comment on human nature, I know).

    Anyone who has signed up to assemble these booklets only to be given 10 names and 10 fliers to down-sell to others should take a long hard look in the mirror before mailing them out. Remember how you felt when you were duped, put on your big girl pants and STOP the cycle.

  39. Well, thank you internet. I just received this letter today. I, myself, thought it was a little strange that there was no return address and no name but Program Manager signing off. A little fishy to me. However, I went online to find these letters from all of you. Wow. What a scam!!!! Funny, my letter came from Beaumont, TX.

  40. The reason for the different postmarks is this. This is a pyramid scheme — a type of chain letter. When a person falls for this scam and sends in money, the letters which he receives to stuff and send out are mailed from HIS post office.

  41. i recieved the same letter last week, oddly enough, it was postmarked from New Jeresey…they want the money sent to Florida. I’m looking for a phone number so i can call and ask questions…and, to no surprise, i can’t find a number anywhere. i wan’t to ask them some silly questions, like…”do i have to pay income taxes after i get my first weekly check of $3,500??” for some reason, i don’t think they’ll have an answer. The program director who signed my letter is a guy named Michael Anthony. Wasn’t he the bass player for Van Halen??

  42. Received the same Fort Myers, Fl letter today. Complete scam. No phone number, email address, and if you look at the “Program Manager’s” name its the most common name in the book Michael Anthony (in my case)…Keep in mind it was also misspelled.

  43. OK people, I got scammed. I fell for this hook line and sinker!! I am not forwarding anything to anyone. The instructions for this forwarding process are not very clear and like everyone else has said there is no number or email addy to get ahold of anyone. Please pass this around so that no one else gets robbed like I did. I did do a BBB check and there were only 3 complaints in 36 mos. I thought that was pretty good. I am such a dumn A&%.

  44. I too got a letter processed through Charlotte, NC. I have fallen for one of these before but I appreciate all the advice on this page so I would not fall for another one.

  45. Wife got the same letter from Info Source Enterprises. I said no, but let me look for it online.

    Here is an idea – send a letter back to them, with their own letter. In your letter, state you have a better way of doing this, than what they have, and for a nominal, non-refundable fee of $10K, you will be happy to be a consultant for them.

    Apparently, all is fair….

  46. Thank you all for the valuable information. I also received the same letter from a company called Info Source Enterprise Inc. stating you could make up to $3,750 weekly. Thanks for saving me money. It is definitely a scam. This is actually the 2nd letter I have received from this company in a year.


  48. Kathy – While I really appreciate that you’re excited, there’s no need to YELL (all caps are often ‘read’ as if you’re screaming at the reader). The fact remains that you did not, in fact, get what the offer led you to believe (you’re supposed to be making $4,500 a week just assembling “Get Credit Now” booklets, remember). Instead of getting booklets to assemble, you really got 3 different booklets and 10 pre-addressed envelops to send out… JUST LIKE THE PERSON WHO SENT YOU YOUR ENVELOP GOT! (I meant to yell because this frustrates me, um, just a tad).

    Big breath, mild sigh. This is like fighting a losing battle, and while I understand that you paid for this ‘opportunity’ to scam others into doing the same thing, I ask you to ask yourself a few reasonable questions before you send anything out:

    1. Do you really think that what you are doing is what you THOUGHT you’d be doing when you read the letter and sent in YOUR money?
    2. Do you really think it’s fair to send those 10 people a letter even though you don’t know them and have no way of knowing how this company got their names and addresses? Do you like unsolicited junk mail (never mind that last part).
    3. Would you pick ten random names out of the phonebook and send them this offer to stuff envelopes or buy any of these booklets? Or better yet, would you send the offer to your friends and family — people who KNOW you?
    4. Are any of the 3 booklets you received in your “assemble booklets kit” honestly worth $39 dollars? Would YOU pay $39 for the information presented in them? I could buy at least two hardbound novels or a couple of well-researched books about getting credit or working at home from Amazon for that same $40 bucks.
    5. Would you feel comfortable putting your personal contact information on those flyers in case someone needs to get a full refund from you after ordering a booklet or signing up to stuff envelopes only to be disappointed when they didn’t receive anything in the mail or were extremely disappointed with the reprint copy of the booklet?

    If you still send out those envelopes after answering those honestly for yourself, do let me know when you’re making that $4,000 plus a month and what you’re doing with all the money. Meanwhile, I won’t be holding my breath and you should definitely keep your day job.

  49. Dave – sounds like a reasonable idea to me. Or you could send them an offer to purchase your exclusive, high response mailing list – compiled by hand and researched by you… a value of over $350 but theirs during this one-time special offer for only $49.95.

  50. Just got the pink letter today. Code# GD-5 6192 and was post marked: SPOKANE WA 922, 10 APR 2008 PM… $50.00 these days wont even fill my gas tank!

  51. I got the letter in my sister’s name. She has been dead since 2005. She had been disabled by a stroke but had wanted to work from home. I guess this is how she got the letter. I have been unemployed for 2 years it sounded too good to be true. So I used my niece’s internet to google the company. Thanks for saving me $$$. Robin in Michigan

  52. Hey Ya’ll…The pink letter has made its way to Kentucky! I actually thought about sending it in…than…naw…what’s the use…it seems that some has already done that and ain’t got no results. But tell me this, has anyone gotten ahold of anything legit for stay’n at home folk like ourselve?

  53. Hey Jasmine – that’s what this blog is all about. Check out some of the other posts and hopefully you’ll begin to learn how to find things that are actually legitimate opportunities. You can start with postings here that relate to finding telecommuting jobs in particular and look at other telecommuter blogs for additional resources as well.

  54. I received this letter about booklets and decided to google it and ran into this site, thank goodness. Also as I was reading this page I am like LeAnne – wondering are there any legit at home jobs If anyone knows of any fill free to email me (I removed the email so you wouldn’t get every spammy-scammy offer in the world sent to your inbox).

  55. My hubby was approached in the parking lot at Krogers in Burton and the guy gave him a few of the letters-they didn’t even bother to mail them-hey, saved themselves a stamp!

  56. Marsha – that’s possibly the funniest thing I ever heard. Kind of defeats the purpose of working at home and unless they were just there picking up some groceries or lived really, really close the gas might have cost them more than the stamps anyway. 🙂

  57. Julie – I really do try to give good, solid advice about how to put yourself into the right mindset and start wading through the garbage and finding solid leads and decent work at home options. The problem is — the long way isn’t what people want to hear. They want answers. And while I understand that urgency, really I do, no one can answer that question for you but you. Try reading myAdvice For Someone Who Wants to Start Doing Some Online Work and see where that leads you.

  58. I received the same exact letter in the mail. I knew it was to good to be true. It made it to PA. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it more than likely it is a duck. What a scam!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. I just received this pink form today. I am so desperate to get out of my current job that I almost sent in the check for $45.00 +$5.00 shipping knowing that it was probably a scam. I am currently waking up every day hating my job and wishing for some sort of opportunity to come along. I would love to be able to work from home but with all of the scams out there how do you actually know which ones are legitimate? Also, there are a bunch of websites that tell you to beware of these types of scams while recommending a few more “legitimate” alternatives which we all know are also scams. How do you go about finding a real “work from home job” that is not a scam? Is there a agency or something that regulates and filters the “real” jobs. How do you know where to look??

  60. Samantha,
    I really can empathize with you. I was desperate to leave my job the day I went back after maternity leave. This posting has so many comments, several of which bring up the same point of knowing where to look to find legitimate work, and unfortunately, there’s no single answer that fits everyone. There are several sites that have tried to include only legitimate work offers, but legitimate appearing scams are very tricky and can get listings in if they want to badly enough. So it’s not a matter of finding magic sites or having some government agency regulate “real” job listings, but a matter of first figuring out what skills you currently have and what you might be able to do with that.

    I’ll try to get a new post up with more advice for the folks who’ve asked these types of questions here. Until then, read over some of the postings here, they might just help you get moving in the right direction in some way.

  61. I got the letter from Source Economic/M.A. Enterprises, P.O. Box 190340, Ft, Lauderdale, FL 33319 today. It sounded interesting but also like a scam, which after reading this site conclude that it is. It’s just too good to be true. Glad I Googled first to check it out. Thanks.

  62. The kicker for me is that they tell you that you will receive advance payment for each book you staple? Okay, I stapled 3,000 of them. Send me my $25.00 each. Then who pays for the shipping once they are assembled? No company letterhead. name typed on envelope with an IBM Selectric typewriter. Letter calims they are from Naples, Fla. However the envelope is from Saginaw, Michigan. I sent a copy of the letter to the Illinois, Michigan, and Florida Attorney Generals…Who’s to say that you can’t just go and tell them that you ordered and assembled 3,000 booklets. Then say send me the money and dump all the booklets in the trash and not send them….Some dufus will fall for this gig. Desperate economic times get people to do stupid stuff.

  63. My letter came with a Ft Myers Fl. postal stamp and Ft Myers Fl. return address to “Info Source Enterprise Inc”. Not surprised that people will scam…surprised they got my address. It is odd that my family vacationed in Ft. Myers just last August?? The authorities should watch this P.O. box and nab the scumbag that comes to collect the payments. The funny thing is i was just recently talking with a guy i work with that told me his retired dad was working from home, packing fishing lures and sending them thru the mail from his home and making good money. I thought that sounded pretty good, so when I got this letter I actually gave it a thought. But after a nights sleep and my skeptical nature I decided to do a quick google, and here i am. Thanks for your blog, thieves and scumbags are around every corner looking for a sucker. Moral of the story, if it sounds too good too be true, it probably is.

  64. We would love to thank you for all your postings. We too received this letter of course they’re now located in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. & want $45. The first thing I told my friend was let’s check it out online. Thank God for your site! I just wish we could find “REAL” work at home companies that are honest.

    Thank you all again!!!
    M & M
    Oxnard CA

  65. Ya, i just got the pink registration form letter from Info Source Enterprise Inc. I also decided to google it knowing, not hoping that it was a scam and unfortunately I was right it is. There’s a ton of stuff on it, this site, rip off report, etc.. I had the one for making the booklets ,the part that messes it up for them, well the part that made me think is, well, they say for 100 booklets you would make 2500.00, and you get payment for completed booklets, before you ship them. But wait, they want you to pay $45.00 to sign up? And it will be refunded when you MAIL off your first 100 booklets? HUH? You’re supposed to get paid before you send then off, (maybe to pay for postage ha,ha!!) when they’re completed! So that part makes no sense. Maybe it means they don’t pay you before hand like they said, or at all! cuz to get your refund you have to ‘MAIL 100 OFF First’. Well ok, what about the $2450.00 they would owe for completion like they promised in advance, Ya I don’t think so, you’re not going to get any money at all! They should just deduct the $45 out of what they’re going to pay you before you send the booklets off (that is if they were a legit co.). And another thing, how do they know many you have completed? They can tell you to do 50 or 100 but how do they know that you’ve done that? They don’t ask for your phone number to keep in contact with you, and you have no way to keep in contact with them, so how do they know how much money to send you?! Payment for all completed booklets is sent to you before you’re required to ship them MY FOOT!!! Anyway, if you think about it my friends, there are a lot of problems with this letter and its wording, but it’s all about “Tell them what they want to hear!” I got sucked into those words too, briefly because I would really like a opportunity like that to put booklets together and make good cash, who wouldn’t! Anyhow, mine was from providence Ri.on 23 april and I’m on west coast. code#GD IA3932. Maybe someday we’ll find our treasure that is real!!!

  66. Thanks for publishing this. I wondered about this letter when I got it. I really wanted it to be real because I need so badly to work from home and just haven’t found anything real yet. I realized about the PO Box and no return address on the envelope and decided to look for this. Thanks again. We need to educate folks to this scam.

  67. I just read this whole wonderful blog after checking out Source Economic/M.A. Ent from the Ft Laud address on Google – the 2nd or 3rd version of the same scam letter that I’ve received over the past six to eight months. I’ve tried a good number of these offers, and believe it or not – I got my money back on most – I guess I’m lucky. But I do Google a lot of these things just to see what people are saying about them. For the past ten months I’ve been involved with a fabulous MLM (NSE, Nuskin Enterprises)-, (134229 access) so I gave up on all the silly schemes that come in. I save them though – have about 50 pounds of letters in their envelopes so far….gonna make a big bonfire one of these days and photograph it. I sure wish I could make all the scams disappear with just a match that easily. All of us who are in desperate need of money are easy prey – so we must be especially wary. Too bad it has to be this way, but these are the times we live in. Good Luck to you…and thanks for the blog, Lisa!

  68. Thanks, Joel.
    Although the discerning skeptic in me (1) doesn’t believe you read the whole blog and (2) nearly deleted this comment on first glance as spam, it was thoughtful enough and well written enough for me to take that second glance. I’ve published this comment, complete with the plug for NuSkin, because (1) you’ve obviously read at least SOME of my blog and (2) you’ve disclosed the facts of what you’re touting both as an MLM and with the name of the company. SO, fair readers, you know what you’re getting into with Joel if you decide to take a look at his MLM (Multi Level Marketing) offer via the link he’s provided. You can learn more about what the NuSkin opportunity involves at their corporate site. And, if you likes sales, are highly motivated to “market personal care products that feature premium, wholesome ingredients with no unfriendly fillers,” and sign others up to do the same, then, by all means, use Joel’s link because he’s obviously trying to build his downline as well as contribute a nice note to this ‘assembling booklets’ and ‘stuffing envelopes’ scam thread. IF I wanted to join Nu Skin I imagine Joel would be a good person to join under. We already know he’s lucky (he’s managed to get money back from the scams, right).

  69. I also got the same letter in the mail. Mine was sent from Oklahoma City, OK and it say that it is at a PO box in Fort Myers, FL. So thanks for keeping me from looking like an a**.

  70. I got the same letter … it KS. My return is to Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
    I’m disappointed to learn that this is a scam but glad that I checked here before I sent them my $139.00 … so sad that people do things like this to others … all for $$$.

  71. Lisa – In case you were doubtful, and I see you were – I DID read the whole blog. The reason I made mention of my involvement with NuSkin was seeing so many people on this blog wishing they could find something Legit to make some money – which we all need, especially now. I’m struggling to get by on Social Security like so many other seniors. I got back from our Global Internet Works Conference in Dallas (an 800-member team within NuSkin) in January. This is definitely not a Get-Rich-Quick thing. But people who want a long-term residual income and are willing to put in the effort for 24 to 36 months, with a billion dollar company 22 years old and on the NYSE – this is the real deal. Their PHOTOMAX digital photography line is the big money-maker now. As of this past week, 567 people so far, have become millionaires from their participation in this wonderful company. I’ve got a long way to go – but I’m “hangin’ in there”. I’m coachable, we’ve got a superb team, and I’ve tried so much of that other nonsense on the internet plus what drifts in to my mail box – that’s why I believe this is the best of what’s out there.

  72. Joel – I’m always skeptical (and often sarcastic) but it’s nothing personal, just my nature. Nu Skin is a decent resource/opportunity for someone who doesn’t mind sales and recruiting. The only thing I didn’t like about the link you provided to the “best online system” is that it doesn’t tell the visitor much, just asks for an email address. I am glad that you’ve found something you like and are good at and I really do appreciate you sharing the first-hand knowledge with the folks here who are still looking for options!

    If you say you read the whole blog, I’ll take your word for it! And I should really give you a medal or something?

  73. I too got a letter from Fort Myers, Fl. for Info Source Enterprise Inc. I tried one of the make money from home and got absolutely nothing from it. Nothing but a scam.
    I would like to find some work to do at home but I don’t need a scam like this. If there is a legal Co. out there that is willing to hire for work at home, I would like to hear from them.

  74. I received the letter to days ago…..and thought this is a scam. Because there was no contact info nowhere in the letter…..this instantly sent up a red flag. Today I decided to google the company to find out what this was all about and ran into this site……People are always out to scam…..for the person who said that she’s going to see what happens…..think first…it already happened to you…why let it happen to someone else…….have a good night….and be bless

  75. Okay, I got it too. Was ready to send my check and decided to check it out first. Glad I did. I was hoping this would help me pay off my daughters wedding that I had to charge. Guess not. Mine came from Salt Lake City, UT and my code was G4-JO9173 written in an elderly person’s hand. I feel sorry for them. I guess they needed the extra income too and fell for it, thus sending me the letter. I just wish there was a really effective way of stopping this sort of thing. Maybe this site is the best tool/weapon we have of at least educating and warning the public. Keep up the good work.

  76. Just received one of these letters today. My letter was mailed fro Harrisburg, PA on April 30, 2008. The letter is signed by a Mr. Michael Anthony, Program Director; with a Code #GD-PY6356. After reading this letter I showed it to my daughter who said that this is more than likely a scam as there is no phone number to call and ask questions about this. After finding this site she was correct. We are not going to send any money. Like the other posts say, research these things out first and don’t send them any money.

  77. Dear Michael;
    I want to thank GB-WW2266 for sending me your offer to make some serious money. I am definitely interested and want to get started in the program as soon as possible. I am a retired business man, needing a little extra money because of the fast rising prices of everything, including the necessities for normal living. Naturally, because of my business background experiences, I need more information about the proposition and the people I will be getting involved with. I know that as a business man yourself, you can understand my position. There are so many scams out there.
    It looks like you have been in this business about 7 months, and after doing a little research I have decided to pass on this fabulous offer. Judging from your neighborhood, it also looks as though your scam is not paying off very well. I’m sure you’d do a lot better with an honest offer, but now your reputation and credibility are zip, nada, nuked, vaporized…whatever. I wonder whether your wife and kids (if any) are proud of you, or are you training them, as do the Gypsies do their children, to lie, cheat, steal and scam.(They’re probably helping you to stuff envelopes, seal and affix the stamps). Not a very good life for a kid or a grandchild to start their lives already dishonored. Who is Sonya Murray, to get mixed up in this scam? You all are in such deep doodoo I would not want to be around if trouble comes your way either from God or mankind. This is not a threat, just a possible prediction of your future.


    p.s. All included materials; Virtual Earth, BBB report are of public record.

  78. I too was interested in this Secret to Good Credit booklet assembly. I received the letter yesterday May 6th. I was told it could be a scam. I have found out it is persuading others to join indirectly using their materials that you purchase yourself. What a mess due to the ambiguous instructions. It is not as easy as it sounds. I am not joining their assembly line. I believe I had been notified because I have my own home based business. It is with Nuskin Enterprises. They are a fortune 500 company that is traded on the NYSE. I have three different websites. and they all entail a way to make money from home.
    It is a breakaway network marketing multilevel commission based pay. If interested take a look at the information pertaining to my websites and send me an email. This is not a get rich quick scheme. It is hard work and working with people. Prospect potential entrepreneurs in the aspect of offering financial freedom, residual income, and time with loved ones earned with due diligence. Best Regards Paul Wilkes

  79. I too got one of the pink letters from Info Source and checked it out on BBB. It is too bad that this type of mail has to clutter up our postal service and they have to keep raising the prices of stamps to keep up with the demands. I know sending it back with coupons trash mail etc is quite an idea to get even but then that also cost us money. How about if we put the letter back in the same envelop, put their P O Box for the return address since it didn’t have one and write “Refused, Return to Sender.” Some are not sealed well and can be resealed or you may have to put a pc of tape on the envelope. Least that way you get it back to them to clutter their Box without spending $ on the stamps. Plus you may get off their mailing list with your refused statement. I am glad to find your website and that people check out these scams before sending them any money. I have been caught in some scams in the past so have learned some things to watch out for. These on this one have already been mentioned so there is no sense mentioning them again. Thanks again.

  80. Bullhead Skeptic (love the ‘name’ by the way) – Very true, why should we send it back with crap when we can simply save the envelope, alter the return address and RETURN To Sender! Very do-able, and would create such an influx of mail waiting in the PO Box that the sender might get very excited and begin dreaming of how to spend the fortune… until they started seeing all the RTS notes. Thanks for the idea!

  81. just opened my mail post marked 3/17/08 from eastern main/ I was tosend my $45.00 plus $5.00 shipping to Info Source Enterprise, Inc. PO Box 60097, Fort Myers, FL 33906

  82. The best way to intervene is to report the bogus business to the IRS, and to DCCA (Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs). Sharks are never caught in the deep blue. You have to fish them in, not tell them, but put out the turtle bait (The real investigators). If enough people complain to the IRS to prove that these people are making money off of fools, and not paying their taxes like “HONEST” people do, believe me, the IRS will treat them the same way the police treat prostitutes, who make a living off of fools and not pay their taxes.
    All the complaining in the world only helps those who actually has the brains to “google” (do research). What about the innocent people who do not have computers, or the knowledge that we do?
    The only way to take the scab off of a dry wound is to let it fall off by itself. These people are not scabs, they are scum. Scum sticks to tile and plumbing. No one likes taking a shower with dirty scum. Clean it the right way. Send your received letters and a complaint letter. The millions of letters will force the IRS to check it out. But nothing will be done if you don’t. My letter sent to them only makes one, and will not make them blink. What good is that?

  83. B Careful – Great Point. If I hadn’t thrown my letter away I’d definitely send it along with a complain to the IRS, just not in April since I’m a fairly considerate soul.

  84. Its about controlling the economy, and stopping those who fail to pay their taxes.
    I’ll bet if the thousands of you sent all of your complaints to the IRS, something will be done. I’ll also bet that if you don’t, nothing will be done.

  85. I too received a letter like everyone else, and I found it to be quite amusing to see the name Michel Anthony signed on the end of the letter. Why did I find it amusing? Because back in th 50’s there was a very Popular TV series called The Millionaire and the man that presented the million dollars to the participant was named Michael Anthony who worked for a man named “John Bares F. Tipton” who gave away the money every week to a deserving soul, and the tax was paid by him also, and if the lost soul told anyone of his good luck, he would have to give up the remainder of the million dollar gift. Michael Anthony was portrayed by “Marvin Miller”. This is why I find this letter quite amusing, it’s almost like the TV series of the Millionaire. WOW! In closing, I’m glad more people are finding out what a scam this is.

  86. Hey Tony – That intrigued me so much I had to go look it up. I found the background on “The Milliionaire” and read all about it. I also found it on, but I couldn’t find any video footage (shucks).

    This show followed the lives of everyday people about to be given a million dollars, tax free, by the wealthy (but never seen) John Beresford Tipton, through his representative, Michael Anthony.

    It sounds like an interesting show. I actually like 50’s and 60’s TV.
    It certainly does make you wonder if the name connection was done on purpose!

  87. My name is Antonina Yefremova and I have 6 kids and I need job full time at home work with envelopes or with booklets please help me with money I don’t even have money for the stamps Please help me with job My address is …
    [Editor’s Note: I deleted address and email for obvious reasons!]

  88. I just found your site today. Unfortunately we sent them hard earned bill money of $139.00 by money order. I have been waiting for our info so we can get started – while checking up on the money order I tried looking up the company and found nothing until your site. How did everyone else get off so cheap? I’ve glanced at many of these comments and wish we would have seen it before. I feel we have no choice but to try if we get the stuff – we are in a DIRE situation and have to do something. Thanks 🙂

  89. This has been quite an educational blog! One thing I haven’t read is tracking a check that has been cashed by the scammer, “Michael Anthony”. I received my pink form Saturday, May 10. As I read it, like so many others, I was thinking how wonderful it would be to make the money offered for work that most people could do. And before finishing the second page, realizing this is a scam, but wishing it wasn’t! We are all looking for a sure thing to keep us going, so we are tempted to grab on to an illusion to find nothing is there but regret! As I have read all the previous comments on this blog, I’ve seen some have responded more than once to indicate you are checking it out to see if anyone has come up with a way to catch or stop this scam from continuing. I wish I was smart enough to figure out a way to do that and instill in scammers some moral decency. It is apparent people are still being taken advantage of. I live in Bloomington, IL. My mailing was postmarked from Rockford, IL and has CODE#Ga-BB4566. It appears that code number was written by a person with a rather shakey hand. There is hope for all of us, if we look to the right source! Titus 2:11-12 says, “For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men. It teaches us to say “NO” to ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in this present age.” God loves all of us, and provided everything we need for an abundant life if we accept His sacrifice, Jesus, as our Savior. He is our only hope for eternity with Him after this short life is over! I pray you all open your heart and invite Jesus in to be your Savior! Ask Him for guidance and thank Him for all your blessings! Sandy.

  90. My poor Mom received this fine letter today, also signed by Michael Anthony, but postmarked in Hawaii! She was planning on sending in her money until I googled this and showed her all the replies by everyone. See there’s an awful lot of hype going on on about it. I’m no fool.. Thanks for all the input from “Goggle” friends. Saved my Mom from making a big mistake.

  91. Received a ltr form Info Source Enterprise Inc, PO Box 60097 Fortmyers, FL 33906. The envelop is postmarked from Lynchburg, VA. They are still at it. They never seem to give up. I thought it was a scam and you verified it. Thanks so much for this site.

  92. Three weeks ago I received the same exact letter from Info. Source Enterprice, Inc. with the same exact address and signed by the Director, Michael Anthony. I am recently retired and have been wanting something to do at home. I read this letter over and over again to see if it sounded real. I have received letters before like this one, they seemed harder to do and more complicated, (placing ads in hometown ad lines, etc…) So this being so easy, I sent my $55.00 in and waited for the materials. They came yesterday, which I was very excited. I read all the instructions and the rest of their letter to me, etc. I folded the letters and sealed the envelopes and I was ready to go purchase stamps, which would have been over $20.00. My husband just happened to be home today and he had asked me if I had bothered to look them up. I told him there wasn’t any website throughout the letter and he just happened to go on Google and guess what he found?? All of your emails about the same exact company and what everyone said about this so called SCAM!!!!!! We started reading and just couldn’t believe that this was the same exact company I was dealing with. I was just about to go out the door to purchase the stamps and it stopped me in my tracks. I am now writing this company a letter of my own telling them what a scam they are!!! Bright Red Letters!!!! They will think that it is another gullible person who is sending in their $55.00 or better. LOL I’m finished even thinking that any of these letters are true blue. It will never happen again!!!!

  93. I received a package today from Source Economic/M.A. Enterprises with envelopes and letters just like the one that I received from them that made me interested. It also has an instruction manual. It took close to a month before I received it so I would suggest just sending a check instead of the money order so you can track who cashes it but I did get the package. If you want to ask me any questions you can email me at

  94. Did anyone get the package and send the letters? I got the package today like I said but I don’t want to spend more for stamps if they don’t send the check.

  95. I received this letter today from Source Economic/M.A. Enterprise located at PO Box 19040-Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33319. It was signed Program Manager Source Economic Marketing. It seems they are still going strong. Hopefully, someone will turn them in soon.

  96. I was scammed by Tami Branch Enterprises and they are offering the same promotion. Google Them. I wondering if they are the same people.

  97. I’m a single mother of four children age range 2-16. I’ve been looking into work at home oppurtunities because I’m about to be unemployed. I received THREE letters from Source Economic/M.A. Enterprises all on the same day, two from Ft. Lauderdale and one from South Florida PDC. That right there made me skeptical. Today I received a letter from White Wove Enterprises,1007 N. Federal Hwy. :#400, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33304. What intrigued me was that almost every paragraph was the same word for word as the other three letters I had received so I decided to check online and found this website. Thank you for confirming my thoughts on these companies as scandalous, and watch out either they’ve changed names or someone else is copying their strategy.

  98. Thank God for good people.I have received two of these letters and they never look right.#1 PO Box dead give away,#2 no name,#3 no hard address, and most importantly no PHONE NUMBER!!!

  99. Thank you, everyone, for all of your input – I’d closed the comments on this post when it reached 104 responses because the page was becoming SO long. Turns out that if I close comments, I think folks just comment elsewhere like Rob did here.

    I never thought so many people would relate to this simple review of a letter we received! I’ve actually opened comments back up because really, it’s important for people to be able to speak their minds and share their knowledge (even if the page does scroll down 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea). 🙂

  100. I received a letter from Source Economic/M.A. Enterprises in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. about stuffing envelopes and getting $10.00 for each envelope that I stuff and send out. They furnish the envelopes, letters, and name labels. I pay for postage and get reimbursed. The fee that they charge varies according to the income group you choose to be in. I am so glad that I decided to check them out and found all of these comments. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  101. This is a scam for sure. I have google maps on my phone so i put in the address and saw an ariel view of it and its a cemetary. So don’t do it save your money.

  102. Received a letter today postmarked Evansville, IN, from Info Source Enterprise Inc, in Fort Myers, FL. and with PO address only. However the wording of the letter is the same or very similar. As to the $45, first it’s promised to be returned after the first 100 booklets are mailed, but the next paragraph states that after 60 days if not earning as desired, the instruction manual can be returned for a full refund plus $35 for giving the program a try.

  103. I just recieved the exact letter you speak of above, however mine came with an actual address…not a PO box. I googled the address and its a mall in NJ. Im not all to far from NJ being in NY but this has gotta still be a scam right? The companys name is Maxwell Scott Enterprises. The info above is almost an exact match to the letter i recieved.

  104. june 16th at 3:00 pm

    just received same letter, get letters quit often try to find out info on most, others I BURN. the federal gov. should get involved in these cases and Burn these SCAM artist.

  105. I just recived the same letter in the mail the address is in Ft. Lauderdale. This one is advertising SECRET OF SELF-HYPONOSIS.
    It sounded fishy to me there is a P.O. Box and no web address or phone number (which probably would be disconnected right away.)

  106. We received this pink letter on June 21, as well. Postmark was from Arkansas. Did the (usual) due dilligence and thankfully, found this page. I already have a home business, so I knew this letter ‘smelled’ like a fishy one! LOL


  107. I Got a letter today(June 23 2008)they call themself
    CREDIT OF SELF-HYPNOSIS, from Fort Lauderdale,Florida.
    Theese people must think people are really stupid.Thanks
    for the heads-up!!!!

  108. I just received the same letter offering to staple credit booklets from home. This one was from Maxwell Scott Enterprises with a return address in Succasunna, N.J. My Mom recommended I Google them before sending my check. I’m so glad I did. I’m still thinking of something to send them in lieu of my check just for fun! My Mom wanted to let people know about a legitimate company paying people to work from home making crosses. It is hard work and not for someone who may be suffering from arthritus, but they are legitimate. The web site is You won’t “Get rich quick” but it could be a way to make up to $500.00 per week if you were so inclined.
    Good luck to all!

  109. I’ve left Michele’s link in, but would warn folks (as always) to look before you leap! You’re not working FOR this company, you’re paying for supplies upfront and working for yourself of course:

    “Our Guaranteed Buy Back Program ensures that you never have to leave the comfort of your home to earn a healthy income. When you send in your finished crosses, I will pay you $1.25 for each cross that meets our quality standards, plus an additional $1.00 each for material reimbursement. I will also send you up to $5.00 per unit of 50 as reimbursement for your mailing expenses.”

    So it looks like a decent chance, but there’s the possibility that your crafts don’t meet their “quality standards.” Other issues that put me off at first glance include:

    -The big “Make $2000 a Week” banner at the top wreaks of scammy sites.
    -The $70 starter kit isn’t mentioned until the JOIN page.

    I’d have to spend more time in review to give an honest opinion, so I’ll slate that for another day when I have the extra time to devote. Until then, I’d advise as usual – Look in every direction before you LEAP.

  110. Are Info Source Enterprises and Maxwell Scott Enterprises the same? My letter came from Maxwell Scott in Succasunna, NJ and didn’t say anything about booklets just stuffing envelopes. Can you let me know?

  111. Janet – I don’t know if they’re the same company/people – but anyone telling you that you can earn money assembling booklets or stuffing envelopes is basically running the same scam. They all work the same way and you’ll be duped into stuffing envelopes with inserts touting the same offer you received in hopes of duping the next poor soul into giving up their hard-earned money. It’s a vicious cycle, one that I’d recommend everyone steer clear of.

  112. I reeived a similar letter, twice from Maxwell Scott Enterprises touting the same scam. They seem to have changed their names several times. My letter came from San Diego, CA. IT seems that they are sending from several places so they cannot be traced. Mines asks me to send my info and money to 275 Route 10 East Suite 220 #124 Succasunna, NJ 07876. not sure if it’s the same scam but I assume it is. Sounds too good to be true.

  113. I have recieved two of these letters from Maxwell Scott Ent. One came from Florida the other came for Rochester MN. It is crazy what people will do to make money. If they worked that hard at a real job they would be much better off.

  114. i received two letters from Maxwell Scott enterprise. one to stuff letters into envelopes and the other one to staple booklets. i too became skeptical about the offer and decided to Google it. i came across this site and all i have to say is thanx.

  115. Just received this letter at my office to put booklets together…Maxwell Scott Ent in NJ but postmarked from Hilo, Hawaai..was almost tempted but then decided to Google…thanks for saving me the $45.00…

  116. I can’t believe I almost fell for this? I should know better. My letter came from Maxwell Scott Enterprise about stuffing envelopes. It was very similar to the one I received last year about stuffing envelopes for premier solutions in AZ. When I tried to contact the company before I would send my hard earn money the number would always say leave a message and the rep. would contact you later. When I tried to contact them later the number was disconnected. I’m glad I listened to my gut then. After coming to this website I really appreciate all the input and experiences of everyone I read. I hope we can all walk away from this site and take something useful with us the next time some scammer tries to play us for a fool.

  117. I just recieved one of these letters The fee is now $49.00 and you get a refund with your 3rd check, you get a check every week. They say you will earn $490.00 a week.. Came from
    Maxwell Scott
    275 Route 10 East
    Suite 220, #124
    Succasunna, NJ 07876

  118. I can only speak for myself, but I ordered the Maxwell Scott program, and have actually received paychecks as promised. HALLELUJAH! I was sure I was getting ripped off, but this company actually does pay you. Just as an example, last week I made $600 sitting on my butt sending out mailers. I hate to be the outcast in this group, but being that I’ve actually used it, I must say that Maxwell Scott is the real thing. Very nice people to deal with also. A completely different, and better experience than the others I’ve used.

  119. I owned a company like this some years ago, and always ran it fairly. If you’re with the right company, money can certainly be made. The question is, who is the right company? My packages were pretty much the same as what Max Scott seems to offer, although I have not seen it. I can tell you there is a perfectly sound reason that a fee is charged by these companies. Imagine a thousand people all ask to get invloved, and so you send out a thousand packages of fairly expensive materials to them (one package used to cost me $11 including postage). Now, out of that thousand, which just cost me $11,000, only 50 people actually go ahead and use it, while the others throw the package in a closet and forget about it, like we’re all so famous for doing. Humans are a fickle bunch. You see the problem here? It is financially impossible to send packages like that for free. Most people who request free info never use it, but most who pay for it do use it. Therefore, a fee must be charged. The real money for us actually came from the work our customers did assembling booklets, so it was really a case of “we make money if you’re making money”. Remember, I was one of the honest ones, hopefully this guy is too. Always check with the BBB online to make sure.

  120. In the interest of fairness, I did go to the BBB to look for “Maxwell Scott Enterprises” and as of today, they have a satisfactory rating: NJ BBB Listing for Maxwell Scott Enterprises. I wasn’t able to find much else which is strangely interesting since the listing states the business has been in operation for a decade now.

    I’m still not for the idea of stuffing envelopes with fliers to talk other people into stuffing envelopes with fliers to talk even more people into stuffing envelopes with fliers… you get my drift.

  121. I’m not surprised about the BBB. Like I said, Maxwell Scott does pay out (I have copies of the checks to prove it, just so you know). It’s not multiple levels of envelope stuffing like you suggest. It’s only done on one level (first level). If they told me it was just stuffing envelopes on multiple, never-ending levels, I would not have gotten involved. I wanted something honest and straightforward, and feel I found it with this. Believe it or not, I’ve spent somewhere around $9,000 over approximately 14 years buying various money making programs, and Maxwell Scott has been the ONLY one who lived up to his claims. I don’t say you shouldn’t be skeptical, but coming from someone who lost $15k, I couldn’t recommend this Maxwell Scott fellow more. Everytime I see a check in the mailbox, I say “I’ll be darned, he’s keeping his word”. I’m 72 years young, and I have recently been diagnosed with the big “C”. This extra money is proving to be a big help with medical costs. Best wishes to you all.

  122. Thank you for the additional information, Steve! I’m glad it’s worked out for you and I’m curious to know who your paychecks come from. Do they come from Maxwell Scott Enterprises? I’ve got lots of other questions for you, too, since you have first-hand knowledge, but I’ll just ask the one for now.

  123. The checks are indeed from Maxwell Scott Enterprises, worded just that way in fact. They are hand signed by him as well. I’m heading out now for a Dr. appointment. The big “C” is a terrible thing, may you never find out first hand. I’ll try to answer further questions tomorrow. Best wishes.

  124. Nice. If the checks come from the company and not from individuals paying you for fliers about stuffing envelopes than perhaps it warrants further investigation. I appreciate your candor and wish you well with your battle with the big “C.”

  125. They are also running this scam under the name of Royal Books & Cd’S.
    P.O. Box 100789 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33310. (Not a typo. I spelled everything how they had it on the letter.)
    They want you to assemble their Self-Hypnosis booklets which are 16 pages long and come with a slide bar to assemble the booklet cover and pages. The form at the bottom of the letter had the code# G3-OT0776.
    No return address but it had a Phoenix Arizona postmark.

  126. I received the Maxwell Scott 275 Route 10 East Suite 220, #124 Succasunna, NJ 07876 and I don’t know if anyone else noticed but the BBB report has a different address. SUITE 200 # 125. I find that a little interesting. So…after filling out the “application” I threw it away. Too much BS for me. Good luck everyone. OH and in case people don’t know. MOST businesses have an update on the BBB website so… look for that too. Good luck.

  127. Kayla – I find that address change interesting as well. Maybe they moved from one suite to another?! Steve Williamson (see the comments above) swears that Maxwell Scott is a real opportunity and says he receives paychecks from them but I couldn’t get any specifics from Steve and I couldn’t find any other information about the company (like a phone number, website, etc.) so I remain quite skeptical!

  128. Royal Books & CD’s has no relation at all to Maxwell Scott. I asked them myself since I got that info, like you did. They wrote back saying that they have seen many copycat businesses like that. The BBB address is not wrong. Maxwell Scott owns both locations. I confirmed that as well. As for Lisa, why don’t you just buy it? Then you could see for yourself. My check last week was for $390…not bad if you ask me.

  129. I could do that, Steve, but I suppose I’ll have to wait until another letter magically appears in my mailbox or else take the time (and postage) to write a snail-mail letter to one of the Maxwell Scott addresses asking for information on signing up to assemble booklets (or stuff envelopes). I’ll give that some serious consideration.

  130. I got one of those dumb letters from Maxwell Scott and it sounds too good to be true. Here’s a thought – how do we know Mr. Steve Williamson is not a part of the scam and is just writing what we want to hear so we can send our hard working money just so we can be scammed.

  131. Got my letter today August 21 and read through it sounds too good to be true. Of course it is, it is also listed on and thank god for the internet I had just gotten done by a company that gave me a check for 4250 and I was supposed to money gram 2750 to someone in canada. I would have gone for this one because 50 dollars isn’t much to invest but I liked the part where they say you are paid before you ship the booklets. I just think I will keep my day job. It always turns out to be some kind of snow job.

  132. That’s it, Wendy. We don’t know. I followed up with Mr. Williamson and sent him a dozen or so questions (which he refused to answer unless I edited my posting and all of these comments since he feels I’m unjustly crucifying Maxwell Scott). We’re all entitled to our opinions and I have no intention of editing any of this great forum that’s amassed here.

  133. Forgot to mention that my company is Royal Books & Cd’s p.o. box 100789 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33310. Anyone know about this one? I would really like to hear about it. I have read the other postings and there seems to be some legit companies out there. I hope that is the case. I would really like to give this a try even though I know that It may be some kind of multilevel marketing where I will probably have to buy one of the very books I am assembling.

  134. Let me be very clear. I am a user of the Maxwell Scott program. I have nothing at all to do with the company, period. I can’t get over you people. I’m the only one using the Maxwell Scott program, and all any of you can do is say “it’s a scam”, “it’s a scam”. I learned a long time ago, that there is no gain without risk, and the worst thing you can ever do is listen to the combined voices of a group like this. Watch Al Pacino in the phenomenal movie “Glengarry Glenross”. Listen to what he says as he sits at the bar talking to his soon-to-be buyer. It’s the most sensible thing you’ll ever hear. He says….”I subscribe to the law of contrary public opinion… If everyone thinks one thing, then I say, bet the other way”. You can all keep listening to these baseless comments from one another, doesn’t hurt me any, or change the paychecks I’m getting.

  135. Or, Steve, you can answer the questions I sent and I’ll devote an entire page to sharing that specific information with “YOU PEOPLE.” You may also give Maxwell Scott my email address if he’d like to contact me to provide transparent answers to specific questions. I’ll be happy to set up a phone conference interview or email interview with him and post those findings here as well.

    Movie references are great and I’d agree that some risk in life is indeed necessary, but those risks (particularly ones involving money) should be well-informed decisions, not total shots in the dark.

  136. Answer your questions? You obviously didn’t read what I wrote. Once again, I am getting PAID, is that clear enough? I am receiving actual signed PAYCHECKS. So enough speculation, and “shot in the dark” type comments. Maxwell Scott pays me as promised every week. Good grief, find a cause in life that matters.

  137. Okay, Steve. The fact that you get paid is clear enough. Prostitutes get paid, too, but that doesn’t mean it’s work that I want to do without knowing exactly what’s involved.

    If and when you would like to share exactly what it is you’re mailing out and to whom, or any other actual-specific information about any company you’re working for, please do feel free to share. Otherwise, there’s a little red x located at the top right of this browser window. You’re under no obligation to continue reading what’s written here (unless you’re being paid to do so of course).

    Discussing various work at home options, and what it’s actually like to work from home, in hopes of helping folks make more informed decisions with their time and money is a cause that matters to me. If it’s not something that concerns you, find a cause that matters to you and hang out at that blog. Or better yet, start your own blog about the things that matter to you.

  138. I received one of these letters today and it was sent to my last married name at my nieces address. (ok first pangs that it was bs) I decided to google it and I’m so glad I did. It does sound tempting but after reading your blog I’m going to throw it away! This one was from Royal Books and Cd’S at PO Box 100789 in Fort Lauderdale, FL 33310. I hope the guy that said he was going to go to Florida and check it out has some luck, man that’s do Dateline NBC!
    Edward, don’t let them suck you in! This letter is exactly the same as the one cited in the original blog! I’m keeping my 50 bucks!

  139. I have to side with Steve. I have used Maxwell Scott’s program since way back in 2000 and have made money every time I’ve done a mailing. On top of that, they are the nicest people to work with. Every communication has always been very friendly and helpful. I have a serious disability which keeps me mostly home-ridden, so this type of work means a great deal to me. If I may suggest to all of you, give it a try, see for yourself. Just my two cents.

  140. Michelle – Thank you for speaking up! I’d love to know exactly what you’re mailing when you do the mailings and how you actually make money with Maxwell Scott. Feel free to let us all know. I’ll be happy to give it a try and post all about the specifics just as soon as I get one of the letters in the mail. I don’t know of any way to contact Maxwell Scott directly to sign up (so if anyone does feel free to post it here or send me an email). I’m obviously NOT willing to share my mailing address to the world at large so don’t even ask for it. I will, however, contact Maxwell Scott directly if there’s a way to do that.

  141. Lisa, you should change your attitude. I can imagine you being a real nag. Like Steve, I don’t appreciate all this unfounded finger pointing at a program that has worked for both of us. If the company asked for a huge amount of money, maybe all the questions would make sense. But for the minimal investment required, and the results we’ve had, your blog is total nonsense. Not a SINGLE person complaining here has used it. What losers.

  142. I appreciate your point of view, Michelle, but you’ve not provided any specific details either so I can only conclude that you have nothing of real value to add (beyond bashing those of us who are rightly skeptical). Calling me and the others who’ve posted comments here names certainly doesn’t do much to argue your case – but I suppose this nag and her losers can live with that.

  143. @
    Maxwell Scott
    275 Route 10 East
    Suite 220, #124
    Succasunna, NJ 07876

    I did a little investigating and found this is a post office box at The UPS Store in Roxbury Mall in New Jersey.
    ROXBURY MALL 275-220 RTE 10 EAST
    SUCCASUNNA, NJ 07876

    #124 is the guy’s mail box number.

    I checked for businesses registered in New Jersey but could find no business registered under Maxwell Scott or Maxwell Scott Enterprises.

  144. Thanks, Dave. Interesting stuff indeed.
    Guess we can’t just go visit the address since it’s just a post office box at the UPS store. I really appreciate the additional detective work and you taking the time to share it!

  145. I checked the BBB On Maxwell Scott Enterprises and it is a Real company in business for 10 years. I have never done business with them but I hope to in the near future when I receive my first package and when I do I will let everyone know if it is a scam or not. I will be so upset if it is a scam.

  146. Yeah, I found them in the BBB as well back on the 7th of August ( They are listed – but not accredited and, as another reader pointed out, her letter had a different but similar address (which was easily explained later as a move). It’s not a physical move, thanks to the information provided by Dave, but a move of UPS post office boxes I guess…

    It’s all bit fishy and I’d love to explore more but I can’t seem to get any straight answers from anyone involved – nor can I get involved unless I have an envelope appear in my mailbox. It’s not like you can find the company website and just sign up!

    So, if you’ve already signed up, do us all the favor of sharing what you learn from that experience. And feel free to contact me directly via email with details.

  147. Hi Lisa, As soon as I get the stuff I will share with everyone what I got and If I get a check. The more I wait the less I feel good about this. I took a chance, what can I say. I have been looking for legit work at home plans forever now and the only one I got paid for was cutting coupons.

  148. Michele – I do hope you get something in return for your money and time and we’re all waiting to hear all about it. Feel free to keep in touch with me by email as well!

  149. Lisa, your obsession with damaging this man’s good name is VERY odd, and I’m thinking of alerting him to it. HEAR THIS….I just received a check on Saturday for $510 from Maxwell Scott. For those who keep groaning and moaning about getting more info, I can tell you that the initial letter they send out already tells you everything, and it does so accurately. I imagine Steve Williamson would agree with me on that. The truth is, I never dealt with a company whose initial contact was that accurate and clear about what I would be receiving. It’s easy work, it’s a steady check….what else could you want? I assure you, if it ever fails me, I’ll let you know.

  150. Michelle – there you go again with the name calling. I personally have no obsession with Maxwell Scott. The original article isn’t even about Maxwell Scott, it’s about the unsolicited letter that appeared in my mailbox from Premier Mailing Service, Inc. promising up to $4,500 a week for assembling booklets at home. The comments are where Maxwell Scott comes in — and why would folks comment on what I wrote and link that name? Because of the similarity of the unsolicited letters.

    Please do alert him to this post and perhaps he can tell us exactly what his business model is, post a copy of the “initial letter that tells you everything,” and give those of us who moan and groan about getting specific information some actual information.

  151. I received this letter today. The name of the Company has changed to Royal Books & Cd’s, PO Box 100789, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33310.

    Everything Lisa said in the article is exactly the same, except the name/address of the business.

    Save your money and DO NOT fall for this scam!

  152. Royal Books & Cd’s has nothing at all to do with Maxwell Scott. I’ve seen that letter also. We got a letter not long ago from Maxwell Scott explaining that Royal Books illegally copied their material. They copied Maxwell Scott’s program like many others have. Maybe Royal Books & CD’s is a scam, but Maxwell Scott is definitely not. I always get a paycheck as promised, and have for years. If Mr. Williamson above reads this, he can confirm the letter we received. I’m sure he got it too.

  153. My mom recieved a letter in the mail yesterday about this stapling booklets thing. I thought WOW what a good way to make a few bucks. Then I got to looking and it is just a piece of paper. Not very professional. So I googled it today and got this site. Kind of glad I did before my mom sent the money in. Thanks for letting me know before we got scammed!!

  154. I just got this same letter today too. Mine came from Baltimore Maryland. I liked how at the end of the letter they didn’t even at least put a fake name. The simply wrote, “sincerely, program director” yeah right, the director of the scam. Why don’t these people actually try to work for a living instead of trying to scam money from people wo do? It really pisses me off to know that there’s people out there that are like that. And people wonder why our country’s going to sh*t.

  155. oh and i forgot to say that the booklets that they wanted me to put together were titled “The secret of self-hypnosis”

  156. I was trying to borrow the $45 fee from someone and send it out on Monday. Lucky it is the weekend and lucky my kids let me use the computer today. I am a 43 year old single mom and am recovering from surgery due to cancer. I am looking for work but have not yet found any. Even though I am in fear of losing my home I was so desperate to work and I thought it was a miracle that I got this letter in the mail in California. The registration form would have been sent to Fort Lauderdale, FL and the tracking # is GR-ER1150. Luckily I found your website before I sent the money (that I didn’t even have) out. I would have just been more in debt. But I thank you for what you have made me aware of, and found that the true miracle didn’t come in the mail Friday, but it came today when you made me aware of this possible scam.

  157. Angela – hang in there girl. You can find legitimate work online if you take control of the computer from your kids and look around for opportunities that suit you. And, depending on the age of your kids, have them define their skills and look around for things they could be doing online, too! – Good luck. And feel free to comment anywhere here – or email me if ever you’d like (editor at

  158. Thank you so much as I was just about to write the check. I rceived the letter yesterday and thought about it and even made a copy. Then I Googled assembling booklets and there you are giving us information we need. I don’t have an extra $45.00 to loose. thank you so very much.

  159. well, I sure wish that I had been informed about this scam before I bit.. I am losing my eye sight slowly but I can see good enough to stuff envelopes. I can not work at a regular daily job , but I can stuff envelopes at home and make a pay check or so I thought. I just found out today from the post office that this was probably not on the up and up as a legal company. I really needed this as a source of income, but I now know that you can not trust every one.

  160. i got the same letter today me and my boyfriend almost feel for this was really close. luckly i had gut feeling to google it and this is what i found. well the return label on mine was ripped up so dont know where came from but it did have stamp that send return to sender for postage. hmmmmmm couldnt even put a stamp on it themselves. well my “registration form” send back is to a diff address its 275 route 10 east suite 220,#124 succasunna nj 07876. i hope this may help some others just like it did me

  161. Received Maxwell Scott Enterprises, program manager, address is different,275route10east,suite220,#124-Succasunna,NJ offer is stapling booklets,with $49.00 refundable fee

  162. I received one of these letters also. I almost fell for it, and I know better. Then I researched it out online, and found your site. People like us who are on a fixed income are desperate for extra income, but not desperate enough to waste money. THANK YOU for having this site up!

  163. Thank you so much for posting this! I just received the very same letter from Naples also and was curious about it. So I got on here to google it and found your article. My husband and I got scammed by a company in the past like this (don’t remember where is was from) and we learned our lesson the hard way. I am almost tempted to send in some Monopoly money like you mentioned! LOL! They send these letters out to get people all excited about earning money only to get them to send there money to them and get nothing in return. Why not send them a response to get them all excited about fooling yet another person only to find play money in the envelope! LOL! Thanks again!

  164. I just received my Dear Friend letter in the mail and boy am I excited 😛
    This ia (yet) another crock of sh*t and frankly, I’m tired of getting this type of mail. I made the mistake of posting for a home worker position years ago and have been getting this type of junk ever since. Aren’t there any legitimate at-home jobs out there that don’t cost an up-front fee? I’m seriously beginning to doubt it.

  165. @p.j. – There are legit at home jobs out there, but it takes a lot of soul-searching, a bit of creativity, and looking in the right place at the right time. Hang in there!

  166. I recieved a letter today from Premier Mailing Service Inc out of Naples Fla about mailing Get Credit Now but it a scam i will not be sending them any money 01/22/2009


  168. this scam goes on – new name, new locations – in Feb 2009, my husband received a letter mailed from OK, referring to a company named Maxwell Scott Enterprises, located in Succasunna NJ. the letter is the first part of the scam, mailed by people who pay to get supplies, then will get paid to stuff and mail to someone like my husband IF HE PAYS to get in on the second part of the scam, stapling the “Get Credit Now” booklets. It costs $49 to ‘register’ and you have to cause 100 orders before you get paid for the stapling booklets. I’m reading on other websites that it cost the person with the code in the order blank part of this letter $49 to get the envelopes, letter and labels, and they won’t get paid until they generate 50 orders [but they only get 49 to mail, paying their own postage – duh..] same here for assembling,stapling the booklets – you have to pay the postage to mail them and buy the envelopes to mail them in, and type your own labels etc.[I suppose it’s possible you can mail the booklets without an envelope, just a label]and of course the letter is signed the famous [infamous] ‘Program Manager’
    thought it was a scam for all the reasons pointed out above

  169. DON’T DO IT. THE LETTER YOU WILL MAIL OUT IS THE LETTER YOU GOT IN THE MAIL.PLUS SOME UNUSEFULL INFORMATION THAT MAKES UP THE SO CALLED BOOKLET. IF ANY ONE SENDS BACK THE $49.00 + $5.00 FOR PRIORITY SHIPPING IS STUPID. YOU END UP WITH NO RECOURSE NO PHONE # AND NO MONEY. THE ONLY PEOPLE MAKING ANY MONEY IS THE MAXWELL SCOTT ENTERPRISES sure you can get a refund but they don’t care they have your $5.00 + shipping and handling which they do not refund!!! they have your money and your checking account# or a money order which you put cash up front or you sent cash!!! which there is no record of and you will never get back!!! tell them to send you the stuff first and if it works you send them a payment, after all they will have your address and e-mail so they should be able to make contact with you!!! other wise it is a scam of the highest #

  170. Well……I guess it was bound to happen! I too recieved this mailing yesterday. Mine was from Premier Mailing Service, Inc, couldn’t read the postal mark, but it wasn’t florida. My code# g4-cro427. Although, on mine I could only make 1875 a week! And all for only 45.00 refundable fee after I mailed off first 100 booklets. Mine was from sincerly, program director. Too bad it wasn’t for real! Thanks for the heads up!

  171. I got a letter from Roanoke, Va. From Maxwell Scott, Ent. with the address in Succasunna, NJ. I tried to find them on the BBB and didn’t. Tried to Google it and Yahoo it. Found You Instead!! 🙂 Thank You, So Very Much
    I too am at home looking for a at home job. Thank You, Thank You!!!
    I too will send them Fake Money ASAP!!! It is worth 42 cents, wish I could see there faces!! 🙂

  172. I just got this letter in the mail about 1/2 hour ago…and after checking and reading about the scam…I am going to blow 42 cents on a stamp and mail (without return address of course) a picture of the middle finger with the statement “staple this asshole” It will be worth every penny and I encourage everyone with a spare stamp to overload their post office box with tons of bullshit…making them waste their time opening the crap up.

  173. My daughter received one of these offers in the mail this week. Never saw the envelope so i dont know where it was postmarked from but the mail in address was to be sent to Maxwell Scott Ent. 275 Route 10 East, Suite 220. #124 Succasunna NJ 07876. Thanks so much for all of your comments!!! It’s so unfortunate that people would commit such an injustice on their fellow man in such hard economic times. Aren’t people suffering enough?!? But be sure of this, one day they WILL give an account. For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his own soul? Matthew 16:26. Now THERE is a book that you can get some truth from!!! No scams included!!!

  174. I signed up for $69 which offered me 69 names of people wanting to start a home based business, after paying for all the stamps to mail out the 69 letters, I received a check from Maxwell Scott Enterprises for $50 / they wrote in the memo section of the check that they had received 5 orders (paying $10 per order) The letters I mailed offered you $20 for every booklet (the get credit now) So far i have no reason to beleive this is a scam, however, when I initially signed up I was very sceptical thinking this was indeed a scam but after receiving the check I am wondering if this is legit. After reading all of these posts I do not know whether I should continue with this opportuity or not. hmmm?
    If this is a scam someone needs to shut this #@*&% DOWN! Times are hard!

  175. In regards to my previous post, If you do the math you’ll find that it cost me $69 to get the 69 leads. I spent 42 cents for 69 stamps to mail out so I spent a total of $28.98 postage and $69 for the leads, a grand total of $78.98 // I’m $28.98 in the hole, not a good investment!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  176. If someone wants you to send them money, dont!!!!!! I got the letter from Maxwell Enterprises yesterday and immediately I knew it was a scam. You want me to send you money first? I don’t think so!!!!!

  177. I waiting for an answer from this source economic, to start working from home, I am so happy to see a page like with my expectations, ready to work.

  178. @celia nicholson: The Better Business Bureau gives this company an F.

    “We strongly question the company’s reliability for reasons such as that they have failed to respond to complaints, their advertising is grossly misleading, they are not in compliance with the law’s licensing or registration requirements, their complaints contain especially serious allegations, or the company’s industry is known for its fraudulent business practices.”
    SOURCE: BBB Reliability Report for Source Economic Marketing

  179. I got this same letter oday, its under Maxwell Scott Enterprizes now in Succasunna, NJ. I am glad i checked first usually I am such a sucker!! I wish stuff like this was true *sigh* life would be so much easier.

  180. i got this letter about a week ago. I wanted to check it out. has the name maxwell scott enterprises. has a hand written code on the registration form, and the address of 275 route 10 east. suite 220, #124 succasunna, NJ 07876. I was hoping this was true because as a new mom that would be a great job to do with a 10 month old baby. Oh well i guess ill have to find a better job opportunity.

  181. Thank you all for the lowdown on this so called company. I am a single dad that is trying to get my kids back. That makes me want to take any chance I have to so I can get the money to help finance my next to imposable mission that I will never give up on. I have lost a lot of money to these types of scams. I would love to know if anyone has ever found a way to make a little extra money from home. I cant handle getting another job. I have to have some time to spend at home (awake) with my boys when I do get them back. If you have anything that can help me please I beg you to let me know. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.

  182. I forgot to mention that I got the Maxwell Scott Enterprises letter. Mine was from Kansas City. Maybe some day with enough sites like this one we can put these types of phony, worthless, piece of $#!-, disgrace to humanity ^$$ holes out on the street where the rest of the world can grind them down into the ground just like they try to do to every one of us! I really hope Karma will come back on them!

  183. I received a letter from “Maxwell Scott Enterprises” Everything stated above is the same except the address given is Succasunna, NJ but it was sent through Jacksonville, Fl post office. This is the second letter I have received. Its as bad as a Pyramid scheme except in this situation only one person is getting the money. I understand how desperate life has gotten, but this is ridiculous! We are all struggling. I was hoping this was legit because I was just laid off AGAIN and have children to take care of. I wish all of you luck and hope we all find something legit. I hope theses scam artists get caught.

  184. I got the letter today mine has a P.O. box in Succasunna, NJ. The same day i got one from Doyle Chambers for post card mailing. He says “A potential 10, 20 or even 50 thousand dollar per month residual income.” The card they sent has a phone# with a recorded message: 214-855-7202. He has a website too this one looks legit but because it came on the same day as the Maxwell Scott Enterprises one I’m 100% sure it is also a scam.

  185. This is a SCAM!!!!! the address given is a box at a Mailbox Ect. DO NOT SEND MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  186. i too got this letter to stuff envelopes and make thousands. i was immediately suspicious and got on here and look what i found. mine is from a “maxwell scott enterprises” . the address to mail my hard earned money to is not a p.o. box. however it sounds like it could be a box in a large building of some sort. that addy is
    maxwell scott
    275 route 10 east
    suite 220 , #124
    succasunna, NJ 07876
    thanks all.

  187. I got a letter from a compamy called Public Funding that did the exact same thing with the extra $35. I’m glad I can’t afford to give them my money cuz that would have been $20 which is a temporary price cut they were offering. I checked out there website and you have the option to wave your fee but have to sign up for an ad like SafeAuto. I was so tempted cuz I need clothes and gifts 4 my kids.

  188. It’s still going on. Just got two letters from the same company yesterday. (One was not enough I guess.) New company name and new location but the same exact scam. Stapling and mailing booklets. Company is Maxwell Scott Ent. 275 Route 10 East, Suite 220, #124, Succasunna, NJ 07876. $49.00 refundable and $5.00 for Priority Shipping . My hand written code# was HR7855. Thought I would add this information just to keep things current. Thanks for starting the post. I am sure you have saved a lot of people money by doing so.


  189. i had just received this letter in the mail excited to earn a few extra bucks for really nothing i was gonna jump to sending my money…until i decided it was fishy, there was no return adress on the envelope. So, i googled it, well its fake saved my money at least not too mention its weird how there was no number to contact the buissness. The “Get Credit Now” scam was Maxwell Scott Enerprises from 275 route 10 east, suit 220, #124- Succasunna, NJ 07876.
    .-= ????´s last blog ..Telecommuting Search Associate Wanted =-.

  190. I am a retired nurse, and am looking for ways to earn money at home! I was wondering if there are any legal legitimate ways to actually staple booklets at home and make money doing it? I also crochet, and have made my own baby bib animal patterns, along with kitchen towel topper patterns! How would I go about getting orders online?

  191. i have received a letter from such a thing called public funding and their address is from chesterton, IN
    .. for stapling bookelts program telling me i can make up to 1000 dollars aweek working for them. i fugure it was a scam and this website even made me more sure about it.. thank you so much .

  192. Hi Kathariena – You could certainly look into sites like Etsy to open your own online craft store. You could also create your own website and accept orders via PayPal for hand-made crocheted bib and kitchen towel topper patterns. Since you’re a retired nurse, you might also look for online work at home that’s related to the medical field. I wrote a post about medical related work at home jobs that might generate some ideas for you?! Good Luck!!

  193. I received the same type of letters today from Maxwell Scott Enterprises
    their address 275 Route 10 East
    Suite 220, #124
    Succasunna, NJ07876

    They sent me both invitation to assemble “Get credits now” bookletsand also stuffing letters.

    I’m thinkful for all the info we shared
    I’ve checked the bbb and found no results

    Surely, before checking, the scam always sounds too good to be true
    if you can earn up to 5,00o/ months trying to recruit people to do the same scam then why we live in this civilized society with trust, liberty, and justice for all?

    Thanks for first writer and please together help update this new information we can find on the subject

  194. I got a letter yesterday. Mine is from “Maxwell Scott Enterprises” 275 Route 10 East,Suite 220,#124 Succasunna,N.J. 07876. There was no return address on the envelope, and it was postmarked in Maine. These are some rotten so-and-so’s. No phone number to contact them, and no name for their “program manager”. I Googled them, and the address they gave is a shopping mall, but they’re not in the mall. I believe this address is one of those services that give you an address to use, they get paid for forwarding your mail or holding it for you to pick up. I won’t be sending them any portion of my already too small disability check.

  195. Thanks for the great content and information. I am always going through the internet searching for good content and to also get ideas for my home based business web sites and future articles on this basic and general subject. Again, thanks for the great content and I will be coming back to revisit this site again for more information in the near future.

  196. I got a letter today in the mail that is just like this. it says to send the orders to Maxwell Scott Ent. — 275 Route 10 east, Suite 220, #124 — Succasunna, NJ 07876, but it is posted marked from Lincoln NE.

  197. I received two different letters from Maxwell Scott Enterprises, 275 Route 10 East, Suite 220, #124, Succasunna, NJ 07976. The first was on mailing special letters, and the second on assembling the books. The first had several levels to enter. Income group #1I) Fee $49.00. #2) Fee $69.00. #3) Fee $99.00. #4) $189.00. #5) For home workers that start in group #4 and a earning potential fo $5000.00.
    The second letter is the same as discused in the site. Send $45.00 and we send you a stapler and assemble books instruction. The rule “If it looks to good to be true the it is!”

  198. How can we legally shut this unethical business down? I mean seriously, I received the letter as well and I went ahead and cut off the form and attached a note with a big F*** Y** on it. These kinds of people need to get shut down. It disgusts me knowing that they’re stealing money from hard working people and playing with their dreams of providing for their family with this kind of nonsense!!!

  199. The sad thing is, if the business were to get shut down, they’d simply open up as something new and run the same scam.

    The only way to really shut them down is by telling people about the scam and hoping enough people hear about it and decide to hold on to their hard-earned money. If no one believed it, and no one sent in money, there’d be no business.

  200. Today is April 15, 2010…I’m a mom from California
    I just recieved a letter, postmarked from:
    Bakersfield, CA on 13 APR 2010
    It has a handwritten return address:
    Warner Daniel
    88 E. Main St.
    Suite H, #433
    Mendham, NJ 07945
    It was mailed to my first and last name to my home.
    The letter on the front side says:
    Home Workers Wanted Immediately!
    We need you to assemble our “Get Credit Now”
    Booklets At Home. Make $2,500 or MORE Weekly!
    We pay $20.00 per booklet assembled!
    Your weekly paychecks are guaranteed!
    On the back side of the letter:
    Guaranteed payment for all stapled booklets.
    A $49.00 Refundable Fee.
    An Unconditional Guarantee for a 60 days full refund,
    Just return instructional manual, for full refund of registration fee,
    Plus an additional $35.00…just for giving the program an honest try.
    Program Manager
    Warner Daniel Enterprises
    Then the bottom side of the back side has the registration form,
    which has send orders to:
    Warner Daniel Ent.
    88 E. Main St. Suite H, #433
    Mendham, NJ 07945
    and, on the form is a hand written code#.

    Before I even opened the envelope,
    I didn’t know the return address, but a real stamp…humm
    I thought, who could this be, and opened it.
    I too, read the letter, thinking it’s a scam.
    I too, searched the web and found this site.

    The other postings were a couple of years ago.
    So beware, the scam is back.
    Don’t send them your money.

    ~from a mom from California in April 2010

  201. I received a letter from:
    Warner Daniel Enterprises
    88 E. Main Street
    Suite H, #433
    Mendham, NJ 07945

    My letter is almost identical to those listed here, but it says I would be stapling bookets on “Get Credit Now.” It did come with a return address on the envelope and the form to be returned. Has anyone receive a letter from these people and tried the program?

  202. i recieved aletter today same thing work a home make 2500 or more per week only having to work three to six hours a week the company name was warner daniel enterprises 88 e. main st. suite h,#433-mendham nj 07945 this was a scam as well hope this will help someone else

  203. Got one today addressed to my wife, and postmarked from Seattle, Washington. Alleged company name is WARNER DANIEL ENTERPRISES in Mendham, NJ. Now imagine that: why would a small firm in Joisey be sending out solicitations from Seattle??? And yes, you’re spot on: the first thing to look for in any scam like this is….do they want money up front (BIG RED FLAG INDEED). Hope they get a nice, long jail term…..

  204. September 26, 2010

    I just kinda thought this was a scam by the no return address on the envelope; although I’m surprised that the scam is still going on. Most of the letters I read on line were from the year 2007. but here in 2010 I recieve this letter in Houston Teaxs, and it came from San Diego, California. Thank God I checked it out on line, before I leaped.

  205. This one is to Steve Williamson. Though I’m going to be polite and stop short of calling you a bold-face liar, I would like to pose these simple questions to you regarding your miraculous experience with Maxwell Scott: Tameka Wells-Cox posts a comment on August 12 inquiring about the two separate addresses for Maxwell Scott. Amazingly, in just 6 short days, you were able to mail them a letter to verify all of this and then receive a response letter with the answers and post this nugget of knowledge here on August 18. That, my friend, is purely amazing! The U.S. Post Office has just performed a feat of impossibility for you! And what is even MORE amazing is that YOU are the only person out of the hundreds that seems to have a direct line of communication with this “ghost” entity. Again, I’m gonna stop short of giving my personal opinion of your posts. I’m just going to state the obvious: Unless you and the wonderful folks at Maxwell Scott have recreated the Star Trek tecnology and “beamed” these letters back and forth, it simply didn’t happen. In closing, if Maxwell Scott is the reputable company that you claim, surely you wouldn’t mind providing us all with the contact information that YOU so conveniently possess. This blog is meant to educate people and spare them from having their hard earned money STOLEN from them. So, unless you are A) a part of the Maxwell Scott organization, B) just trying to lend credibility to this scheme so that you can recoup your losses, C) full of $hi+, or D) simply bored, PLEASE, I implore you, PUT UP OR SHUT UP!

    Lisa, thank you for what you are trying to accomplish here. Hopefully Mr. Williamson will either give proof of his rare and unbelievable results or take a long hard look in the mirror…..

  206. I received two letters about making money from home and compared the addresses. I noticed that they were both from the same address. Both was different types of businesses one stapling books and the other stuffing letters. What a scam they try to run and get peoples money for nothing in return. Beware of these letters with no return addresses or telephone numbers. Also handwritten codes on the top trying to get others to follow sue. Don’t give them your money, but look out for these red flags. No return address, registration fees, no telephones numbers and written in code numbers at the top of the letters. Google these companies and find out the truth about them.

  207. I received the letter today under the name Maxwell Gates Enterprises. the return address is 275 Route 10 E. Suite 220, #50 – Succasunna, NJ 07876, but the postmark is Fort Worth, Texas. The information sounds the same: $20 per 17 page booklet titled “Get Credit Now”. It definitely sounds too good to be true – they won’t be getting my money!! Thanks for putting the word out!

  208. Hey I just received one of those letters and it said the same thing as everyone else, but this one is saying to send $49 and I will receive an advance check for how many books I want to do a week. I was going to do it, but my boyfriend told me to check on something like this and I just goggled it, and this site popped up!!!! Thanks for all the information, and this time they changed the name to Gordon James Ent. 95 W. Main St, Suite 5, #221, Chester, NJ 07930. Thanks again for the heads up!!!!!

  209. Now they are calling themselves,Maxwell Gates Ent. out of Mendham, NJ. The “refundable deposit is now $99.00. Thanks for saving me $$$. I’m unemployed right now and people like this prey on people like myself. Thanks so much. I have learned sense being out of work, to investigate everything you get. Thanks again!!!!

  210. I too got excited when i received the letter from maxwell gates. He almost had me until i kept reading this letter. What stuck out to me the most, was when it said we will pay you for how many booklets your able to staple. I mean if that were the case, the company would have a lot of employees getting free $.

  211. Well get a load of this one…the outside of the envelope was from Aida M. Lebron, P.O. Box 611, Maunabo, Puerto Rico 00707 and the “registration form” address was litsed as Preston Lord Ent., 5 Lyons Mall, Suite 777, Basking Ridge, N.J 07920. When I called the toll free number listed on the form (1-800-446-7419) a pre-recorded message stated that they would only take questions from people that have PAID first. The fee that they were asking is $99.00 and $5.00 for priority shipping. The code on the form was PL4AML1946. Also another flyer was included in the letter from JAN-L Marketing, Inc, 12004 Parkland Court, Louisville, Kentucky 40243 asking for $10.00 for a postcard mailing “business” with a referral number ID#127669. Their pre-recorded number was 502-493-3210. No real person to talk to there either! My husband has taught me to check things out on sites like this because I am inherently so trusting and ready to believe these crooks but not any more!!!.

  212. Hi everybody here. First of all thank you all for sharing such a good and important information. I see that this letter has been around since a while already. I just received it with a return address saying:
    Send to: Preston Lord Ent.-5 Lyons Mall – Suite 777-Basking Ridge, NJ 07920
    Call toll free: 1-800-446-7419. As many of you already said, which company will ask you to pay money to work? Only a scam. When you see something to good, it is not true. If this were truth, then everybody would have been earning money from home.
    Good luck to all.

  213. I got a letter today from Preston Lord Enterprises 5 Lyons Mall Suite 777 Basking Ridge, NJ. wanting me to send them $99.00 for their book assemble job at home I am very glad that i check them out and found this page i throught this was a sham..

  214. My fiancé and I received a letter just like everyone has been discussing here. I am thankful I googled info about this letter. Thank you to everyone who has left comments, you have all been very helpful:)

  215. It really is a shame that these people are taking advantage of people who desperatly are looking for some kind of real work.. Its makes it so hard to trust anything anymore. I recieved my letter today in the mail 07/01/2013. It too is from Preston Lord Enterprises 5 Lyons Mall Suite 777 Basking Ridge, N.J.
    Does anyone out there know of a real legitimate company who does pay you to work from home… I have RA I am 51 and have a very small painting buisness which I have been doing for about 12 years…I have had RA for aprox 13 or 14 years.. I dont know how much longer I can do this painting job for the constant pain I am in after climbing ladders all day.I was real close to sending money in for this GET CREDIT NOW…But then I checked on the internet and this is what I see… Another scam.. Yeah I fell for one of those not too long ago about a mom who was about to loose her home and how she made all this money posting stuff on the internet. Gosh they even said you dont even have to know anything about the internet .Although I did call and complain and did get a full refund!!
    Anyway dont go for these scams….Everyone is right if it seems to good to be true!! Well it probably is!

  216. Hello, I received the same message in the mail. I am very thankful to the author of this post and all those who have input their experiences. Initially I tought maybe it could be something my Son could do from college to earn a little money., until I read the letter. You know another thing they did not mention, if this was legit, the cost to you of packing and shipping the completed product. It is a shame there are those out their that take advantage of others and I to have fallen prey at times, but I am a lot smarter now. and know a lot more about the internet, online work and work from home. I saw Tammy’s post about real legitiamte Work From Home, YES, it is out there. It also took me awhile to find it because the internet is full of work from home, some good, bad and better.
    *I Did Find a Legitimate Work From Home Opportunity and I even receive Dental and Medical Benefits and more. I work with a 21yr Better Busniess Beauru Company and I Love it!
    Contact me and I can give you the information.

  217. The new one out now is from Preston Lord Enterprises 5 Lyons Mall Suite 777 Basking Ridge NJ 07920. I guess they see everyone posting so now after they have read all these comments now there giving you an 800 number. 8004467419. I was so in need of needing a stay at home job I almost fell for it out of desperation. I knew to go and google it but it sure was not my first thought. I hope I can be like Brenda and find me a legit stay at home job so I can help my husband out and stay at home with these children. It is so hard out here.

  218. I’ve been looking for ways to make an income at home and in two weeks with out putting myself out there I received two work from home opportunities. The first one even had a list of 10 people you could contact to make sure it wasn’t a scam! I called all ten numbers and the ones that were still operating all said don’t do it, its a scam. It was something Lord Enterprises. Discarded that one. Two days later I got another “Home Workers Wanted Immediately!” making “get credit now” booklets. seemed to good to be true but since there was a phone number I would call. Hmmm interesting, they only answer to paying customers!!! and it disconnects you after its repeated twice! I would make a copy of the letter to send to them because of course the address and all the “important” information would have been returned with $99.00 but after 60 days its refundable! and if you don’t pay by check then you cant see who cashed the check…. So sad that people do this. I want a legit work from home job so I can spend the last year with my son before he starts school. This is all on October 2013. God Bless to all

  219. Thank you and everyone that has given me an answer to the work from home Preston Lord Enterprise ” Get Credit Now” mail offer….Scam

  220. Thank you to all of the above commenters. I too,received a letter from Preston Lord and was going to send the $99.00 to get started but now I will again pass on ” something that sounds to good to be true”

  221. Yes, they are back and operating under the name of Mason Grace Enterprises, 100 Church St, 8th Floor, Manhattan, NY 10007 Phone number is 844.404.2020 and is just a recording. Even on the confirmation of purchase email, it says to call this same number with questions. No one answers and there is no way to leave a message.

    Tried to send a message through their website but the “submit” button isn’t working. hum…

    They are charging $99 for the booklets and have other offers for stuffing envelopes.

    They take credit cards on their website and, unfortunately, I went for it. For those of you who wrote checks, you can do a “stop payment” which will cost you a few dollars, but at least you won’t be out all of it. Since I used credit, I’m disputing the charge with my credit card company. Hopefully that will work.

    It’s just so sad that people feel they can do this to others.

    Should have known better.

  222. Well, Well, Well, Really come on folks, yea we’re out to make fast cash and this letter that I just received today sound’s pretty good. But look as it has been said ( no return address, I didn’t request this info, no phone number or address and it is not even signed. Give me a break!!!! I first of all would never in my life send any one money when they want me to work for them, shoot their gonna pay me, that’s the whole purpose of contacting someone like this!! RIGHT?????? Well folk’s don’t be shot down, the only people you send any money to is landlord or mortgage lender, bank, car payment, insurance, light co. gas co. cable co, whatever but never to someone you do not even know and never asked for the info in the first place. here’s another one going around about a vehicle wrap they will pay you to wrap your vehicle and advertise for their co. NOT!!! yea they will send you a $1500.00 check before hand your suppose to cash it find the person who is wrapping your car give him or her $1000.00 and you keep $500.00 ok, why cant they pay the person wrapping your car, they texted me to death until i called the bank issueing the check and nothing matched of course, all said and done he never texted back or answered his phone of course not it was all a BIG SCAM. SO remember my friend’s if you do not know this person don’t send money , or wire money, or give out any info over the phone period. just friendly advise. be careful out there, Thanks DDC, TX

  223. It’s DDC again as earlier I said never send money or wire money or give credit card info out PERIOD!!!!!! about the vehicle wrap that was a way to get into your bank account. if your not sure about something, ask a friend or someone, dont just do what the letter says. you are smarter than that I hope. any way again folk’s we all have to work but this is out of this world. I mean if that is all you have to do all day is type up letters mail them, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do telemarketing for small business owners nationwide, we compare health ins to see if we can increase their benefits or lower their premium people tell me every day i work no this is a scam but it’s not we have a website phone number, address, agents name and id number and where the agent is located and we do not ask for anything but name age good health and if you have ins. that’s it , it would be different if I were saying (Mr. Jones if you send me 135.000 today I can get you a comparison RIGHT??? but no its at no cost or obligation strictly up to you. so be ware my friends until next time. DDC,TX

  224. I received a letter about this business from Balboa mailing company, 501 W. Broadway Suite 800, San Diego CA 92101. This is a scam!!

  225. This scam is so funny to me. Lack of information, no real proof of l legitimacy, no pertinent information regarding how to obtain a refund and I could go on and on. What I plan to do with this unprofessional letter is to send them money my grandson made and give them a crazy non existent address like Mars somewhere because obviously that’s where they’re from. Then I will mark on the bottom that I wish to make 3,000 a week and that I can’t wait to start!

  226. New Name I received in the mail yesterday was Saguaro, and it was mailed from Mid Island NY and the address inside is in Scottsdale, Arizona. and they are now asking for $99 with 35 additional in return if not satisfied. My how the price has gone up over the years.

  227. I got one in the mail today. 04/04/16.
    I always google names and addresses when possible. The address on the envelope says Saguaro 6991 East Camelback Rd Suite D-300.
    Scottsdale, AZ 85251
    The letter is from a Franklin Schaffer , Saguaro.
    The post Mark on the envelope says it’s was sent from Philadelphia.
    As always lookup address, companies and anything else I can use.

  228. i received a letter today from a man in clewiston fl, 33440, it is stating We need you to assemble our “Get Credit Now” booklets, make $2500.00 or more weekly, make $20.00 per booklet assembled you get more if you staple them –you will staple the booklets together and mail them after receiving payment. You’ll receive advance payment for each booklet that you staple. that means that you will receive $1,000.00 for stapling 50 booklets, 2 grand from stapling 100 booklets and 3 grand for stapling 150 booklets.Then on the back of the form is a name franklin schaffer saguaro, with an scottsdale, arizona address

  229. My mother received the same letter, Unfortunately, Franklin Schaffer Saguaro does have a actual web site :
    Looks slick, but do not be fooled, same wolf in sheep’s clothing, just a new address.
    Saguaro 6991 East Camelback Rd Suite D-300.Scottsdale, AZ 85251. Please save your hard earned money. NEVER send out a personal check with your name, address, telephone number, and your financial institutions routing and account number. This is a golden ticket for a con artist. Your personal and banking account information will be stored and complied to a master list known as an “Suckers List”. This list is then sold to other high end scammers for a hefty price. Before you know it, you will be inundated with letters and calls, with other scams, such as “You Have Won An Super Power Ball Lotto Worth Millions Of Dollars” but first, you must send a ” processing fee” of just $99.00, upon confirmation of your payment, our “Prize Patrol” will send a courier to your home to deliver your winning check in person…yeah right, sure they will!

  230. Just got the same letter! From Saguaro Scottsdale AZ. Also, some grammar errors. What a joke. Hope this guy gets caught. Not sure how this could go on for sooooo long. The first post was in 2007 I think. Somebody needs to nail this idiot!

  231. Received a letter from Franklin Schaffer, Saguaro, 6991 E Camelback Rd., Suite D-300, Scottsdale Az. 85251 !-480-422-1083 stating “assemble booklets at home which we will send you, assemble each booklet and we will send you $20 for each booklet. IT’S ALL A SCAM FOLKS. DON’T FALL FOR IT. I PAID $97.00 WHICH I KNOW I WILL NOT GET BACK. STUPID ME.

  232. Mine came from Saguaro, 6991 East Camelback Road Suite D – 300, Scottsdale Arizona 85251 the name on the letter was Franklin Schaffer didn’t have a business name glad I didn’t fall for it.

  233. I just got the exact same letter with the address of 6991 East Camelback Rd Suite D-300 in Scottsdale, AZ and the “registration fee” is $99 with the option to DOUBLE your income potential by enclosing an additional $99! Also, the postmark is from Orlando, FL.

  234. Received a second letter from Saguaro yesterday. This one is postmarked from Montgomery, AL. Responding address is in Scottsdale AZ.(same as above). Franklin Schaffer is name of apparent letter writer. Thanks for this website. It has been very enlightening.

  235. I got one in the mail yesterday…July 13, 2016.
    This one is from:
    MG Marketing
    1350 E. Flamingo Road
    Suite 824
    Las Vegas, NV 89119

    Letter is from a George Taylor

    The wording of the letter starts out the same there are some differences with regards to the guarantee at the end. This one reads:
    “OUR UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE TO YOU….Register with our program now. If you’re not making the kind of money that you desire after working for us for sixty days, just return our materials for a full refund of our fee, plus an additional $35.00….just for giving our program an honest try. We stand by our promise….but more importantly we’re confident that you’ll make good money working for us. Take a little time to complete our registration form and mail it back to us promptly. We’ll ship your materials right away so that you can start earning weekly paychecks. Don’t let this opportunity slip away.”

    Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Yet, when I Googled the address – including the Suite # – on the return envelope it showed me a map and ‘The UPS Store.’ Huh? Needless to say, I shredded this.

  236. They are still out there!! Now it is: Saguaro, 6619 N. Scottsdale Rd. Suite D-12, Scottsdale, AZ 85250. Still from Franklin Schaffer. I got this in the mail on 7-16-16.

  237. been trying to get a work at home job for a while.i cannot find one that is not a you have any suggestion.i would like something like stuffing envelopes or similar.thank you.

  238. I received my letter from Saguaro, 6991 East Camelback Road, Suite D-300, Scottsdale, AZ 82551 . The offer is the same as everybody else has received.
    The fact that their is a fee to join is not alone the sign of a scam. Without a fee there would be thousands of tire kickers getting in.
    There are some legitimate businesses that use PO Box addresses.
    Everything else smells scam. I would not trust this business with a 10-foot pole.
    What should really alarm everybody is the number of business names and addresses that they are using. This means that they are operating all over the United States and probably throughout the world. With that many addresses, it means that they are a giant business with many individuals working for them. My guess is that they are most likely headquartered out of
    either Ghana or Nigeria, which is where the majority of these kinds of scams occur.
    Not all businesses that sound too good to be true are scams. Some are completely legitimate and you really can make money from them. There are also some businesses out there that appear to be completely legitimate but are complete scams.My advice is to thoroughly research a business before going in.
    A few complaints does not make a business a scam. Disgruntled ex-employees put false complaints on the internet. So do competitors. The way to know if they are a scam is that if there are many complaints.
    Ratings by a Better Business Bureau mean absolutely nothing. What is relevant is the number of complaints reported by the BBB that have been resolved. If there are many complaints with few being resolved, it means that the business is a scam.
    If you type in the name of a business and nothing comes up, do not make the mistake of assuming that the business is clean. It can mean that the business is so new that nobody has reported anything on them yet. Do not go into that business until you are able to find reports on them in the future.
    I strongly recommend in conclusion to thoroughly research a business before sending in any money.

  239. It’s been 9 years since this post was created and sure enough this scam is still roaming the country.

    My elderly, retired grandparents both received a letter yesterday from a Saguaro company in Scottsdale, AZ.

    They’ve upped their fee from $45 + $5 for priority shipping to $99 + $5.

    Pyramid schemes and chain letter scams have been around since I was a child, it will never stop.

  240. Damn! they got me! I mailed my $35.00 check Sept.30,2016 it cleared as of this date Oct 31 2016 nothing. Oh well trick or treat looks like I got tricked from MG Marketing.

  241. Just received letter fro MG Marketing,1350 E. Flamingo Road, Suite 824, Las Vegas, NV.89119. What a scam, glad I looked this up. Why isn’t something being done to stop these scheming dirt bags?

  242. So glad I came across this!! Return address 6619 N Scottsdale Rd suite D-12 Arizona, yet postmarked January 4, 2017 from Cleveland, OH and I am in California. I was trying to get information to find out if the company would supply the stapler and staples as well as who would be responsible for the shipment to the customers. Instead of sending money, $99.00 for the registration I would be willing to get paid after the first 10 were shipped. Even spending $1 is a lot when you are looking for work. Two sentences really got my attention “As soon as we recruit enough workers to staple our booklets at home, we’ll stop recruiting” and “…The fee will be returned after the first one hundred booklets.”

  243. I received this letter yesterday. It was from George Taylor of MG Marketing. They wanted $35.00 fee to start. It is so sad they get away with this. I wonder how they sleep at night. I hope someone sends it to their family and they fall for it. Get a life and an honest job People don’t fall for this. Anyone ask for any kind of money up front rip it up

  244. I got one today, I figured it was a hoaxed. Thank God for technology. I checked out and could see it was a mall. Used Google Earth. Thanks for the posting too, Y’all have done. My envelope they sent to me trying to trick me is MG Marketing 1350 E. Flamingo Road Suite 824 Las Vegas, NV 89119

  245. Received a letter a couple days aga. Again all promices of the good lufe and a hefty payout. However was burnt in the past, I left a letter to the so called perso that Homland has the address and forsefully the post office th reveal the persons name address and phone number that they will be apprehendered. Good try maybe some of all of the cash sent will be returned or a stiff penelty to them.

  246. That is the trick, Victor, figuring out what you can legitimately do from home to make a few extra dollars without BUYING into scams. So far as I know, there are no jobs doing things like stuffing envelopes. Feel free to peruse the “finding telecommuting jobs” category here, but there really are no short-cuts or quick answers to finding work you can do from home.

  247. I got a letter just like what you described. Thank God I was smart enough to Google it and found your website. You save me some cash. Thanks again.

  248. As an old consumer protector I read the Priority Publications offer to receive $20 for stapling 17 page pamphletbooklets/s. for 3 to 6 hours a week “That’s $1,000 for just two or three hours.” If there was ever a too good to be true scam in play I ‘ve never seen it. To think it has been going on for at least ten years. The registration fee is up to $99.It is back in Kentucky.I expect I received the offer because I just retired which is widely known.

  249. I got a letter today. Form Priority Publications Signed by Bradford Dillon. It came from Costa Mesa CA and asked for a $99 refundable fee that you’d get back after you’ve mailed one hundred booklets.

  250. I have received 2 such letters MC Media Mailers Los Angeles and MG Marketing Las Vegas, NV. Both asking for money to receive their product to be processed from my home. Have not sent any monies to them, very tempted. The money they promise would really come in handy.

  251. 11/20/17 My “offer” came from Priority Publications/Bradford Dillon,. The ret. address (on “order” form) was 3420 Bristol St., Suite 600, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. They have upped the price to be scammed by their obviously phoney company to ONLY $99.00 Plus $5.00 for (optional) Priority shippping.
    Yeah, RIGHT !!!

    I certainly HOPE my e-mail will NOT be published. I’ve just spent the past 6-8 months “unsubscribing” to all kinds of stuff that seems to have somehow found my e-mail address. Thanks,

  252. I also just received a letter from Priority Publications Signed Also by Bradford Dillon, Costa Mesa, CA and asked for $99 refundable fee.

  253. Hi Betty – Thanks for letting us know what your letter said. Just to be on the safe side, I deleted your email address before approving your comment. Subscriptions and spam and email maintenance can definitely be frustrating!

  254. That letter is still going around……….a ‘Google’ shows their home office address @
    11201 N. Tatum Blvd Suite 300
    Phoenix, AZ 85028
    Hours: M-F – 8AM-5PM MST

    Their website even shows a Google Maps location…….hummmmm.

  255. I received the same letter in the mail yesterday. This one has the name Quality Publications, 11201 N. Tatum Blvd, Suite 300, Phoenix, AZ 85028. Like the others it asks for a $99 refundable fee, AND it gives you an option if you want to DOUBLE you income potential you can send an additional $99. It also has a website listed as I went to the website and it says on the front page, “The most successful book program in the country”. When you click on “Get Started” it brings up a page with the contents of the same letter explaining how it works. Everything about it screams SCAM. It pains me to think how many people have fallen for these types of work-at-home schemes.

  256. Hello All,
    Thank you for creating the post to share this information…
    It amazes me how this letter is still going strong, ten years later from the earliest posts!! I received it and wanted to google it before considering buying the program.
    It is still verbatim as some have posted as to the offer and what is required. The price is a refundable fee of $99.00, with (optional) choices of double income potential for an additional $99.00 and the Priority shipping of $5.
    Mine closes without a personal signature, however….just the new company name of Quality Publications. Located at 11201 N Tatum Blvd, Ste 300, Phoenix AZ.
    Hopefully with such an internet saavy society, we can end this scam soon.

  257. I wish I could post a pic attachement.. I recieved a letter like these from Quality Publications Booklet Program.
    Address is..
    11201 N. Tatum Blvd. Suite 300, Phoenix AZ 85028
    Must be the new name for these scammers. Watch out! Thank you!

  258. Just got a letter today from Quality Publications in Phoenix Arizona stapling booklets and asking for $99.00 that is refundable after mailing 100 booklets. DO NOT FALL FOR IT!!!!! They are all scams.

    The website they listed is not even valid.

  259. I recieved my offer today from Quality Publications out of Phoenix AZ. The fee is now $99 with an optional additional $99 plus $5. Asking how much do you want to make a week. It has a hand written number of G.C.-7801.
    I researched Quality Publications and found that they stuff envelopes with a specific number recorded on each page. The envelope stuffer is paid $10 per each envelope.
    Kinda of makes sense where the money goes.

  260. I got a letter from quality publications in Phoenix AZ yep same info to staple “get credit now “
    Booklets guaranteed to make over $2500.00 the catch is they want me to send them a $ 99.00 refundable registration fee . By money order or check or cash every one knows your not sopose to send cash in the mail … yep this is definitely a scam I’m so glad I came across your info . Mike


  262. well it is November 8, 2018 and just received a letter from which offers a too good to be true offer of at least $1,000.00 to $5,000.00 a week mailing letters and making $20.000 per booklet guaranteed assembling booklets at home. They have upped their game a little. They list an address of 11201 N. Tatum Blvd, Suite 300, Phoenix, AZ 85028. No phone number. Of course I checked the address out and it is a virtual office. Many people pay $50.00 a month to use this address. If you want to physically use it, they charge you extra for that based on hourly rate or what ever. Also provide all sorts of services at this office complex. So, that pretty much tells you that the name has changed and the price is now $99.00 plus $5.00 priority shipping. My code is TM-3945.. probably means the 3,945th idiot on some list. I just cannot impress people enough with the thought that if something is too good to be true, it probably is not true. Why would anyone pay you $20.00 to put together a booklet when you can go down to Speedy Printing and have it done for less. Think people. Use your gut feeling. And make good choices. These people have been around for years. Since 2008 on this website. Tells you it is working. Enough people send in money to make it worth their while. I bet they will be around in 2028. Just under a new name. Holly

  263. I just received a letter from Quality Publications at 11201 N. Tatum Blvd. suite 300 Phoenix AZ 85028. They also offered the same scam but they want $100! It’s not going to happen!

  264. Lisa
    I recieved a letter from Quality Publications with hand written LF7105 on the top left hand corner. reference assembling “Get Credit Now” boolets at home. Stating you can make anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000 stapling booklets at home. They say all the same stuff about getting a refund. They are requesting you to send in $99 plus an extra $5 for priority mailing. Thye even offer you send in an additional $99 to DOUBLE my income potential.
    The address on the envelope is Quality Publications, 11201 N. Tatum Blvd Suite 300, Phoenix, AZ 85028. And on that return address hand written 7105. Mailed from Greensbord, NC
    Justwanted to send you another name for the list os the scammers.

  265. Hi! Got my fun invite to make tons of money from Quality Publications in Phoenix. Also the $99 sign up fee. I thought interesting was included was the website named booklet which allowed me to see years of comments about this stupid scam. It’s sad to think anyone would fall.for this but obviously there are since so many addresses are being used. Please people, read their letter, have a good laugh and throw in the trash!!
    Janet F

  266. Well me and my mother got this letter and like many wanted to see it be true. But like I was raised, if it looks to good to be true it usually is to good to be true. I started searching for reviews on this place and this is the first place I found, which I already knew deep down. Our flyer said $99 REFUNDABLE. Of course, it is a SCAM. Thank God I looked before jumping. Ours has a place in AZ. I was already thinking why wouldn’t they have a factory to have everything stapled together. The sad part is them taking advantage of people that are tired of the life we have been dealt, 9-5 boring life. Or MORE than the average 40 hour week. We work our butts off to pay for a nice home we’re at less than we’d like or even want. Why couldn’t it have been work 4 home 3 or work 3 home 4. We raise our children to work for someone in the same dead end 9-5 jobs. Why not encourage them to open their own business or change the norm which we was taught.

  267. I recieved a letter from bookletprogram the letter came from Quality Publications 11201 N. Tatum Blvd. Suite 300, Phoenix AZ 85028,look it up on google maps.

  268. A good red flag that it is a scam when they tell you to send cash in the mail that is a big red flag.

  269. It is now July 31, 2019, and I sit at my desk with the same letter in hand. Its from Quality Publications no name just Quality Publications. He’s back in Phoenix at 11201 N Tatum Blvd. Suite 300. What strikes me most is how long this guy has gotten away with this! Followed by, in our digital world who orders anything written and receives it in the mail? Surprisingly, he hasn’t increased his price. Such a deal, only 99.00 plus the 5.00…What a great guy.

  270. My letter is from Quality Publications, 11201 N. Tatum Blvd, Suite 300, Phoenix, AZ 85028. They don’t have any registration fee, but they to want your check for $99.00 REFUNDABLE FEE to be sure you’re a serious home worker and want to give their program a serious try. YA, RIGHT!

    And they’ll send your payment of $1000. to you in ADVANCE for mailing out the first 50 booklets.
    Give me a BREAK! No mention of a stapler or address labels. Or who pays the postage for these mailings. And no mention how they track or confirm that the booklets were even made or sent out!! And like all the others, NO PHONE NUMBER, NAMES OR POSITIONS. Oh! but it does have a hand-written “code #” of TB 3824.

    Thank you for having all of this info published for all of us gullible dummies — though smart enough to have looked it up!

  271. Just got a letter in San Diego, CA, from Quality Publications, 11201 N. Tatum Blvd. Suite 300, Phoenix, AZ 85028, postmarked Oakland, CA. “Home Workers Wanted Immediately! We need you to assemble our Get Credit Now Booklets at home. $20.00 for each booklet.” Not signed by anyone, just ends with Sincerely, Quality Publications. This refundable fee is $99.00. What happened to the cheap $49 fee everyone else talks about. Code 04-4605 on the registration form. No telephone number provided so no one to answer the question of who pays to mail the stapled booklets to them, so I am not biting. Thank you for this site.

  272. My scammer wants $99 +$5 for priority shipping
    Send to: Quality Publications
    11201 N Tatum Blvd. Suite 300
    Phoenix AZ 85028
    Same offer of $35 plus refund for “honest try”.

  273. Lisa, thanks for your information. Guess they’re still at it. My letter is not PINK, but plain ole white. Did have a return address on envelop with street address in Phoenix AZ mailed from Indianapolis IN. Company name is now Quality Publications. Fee is now up to $99. or an additional $99. if I want to DOUBLE my income potential. Still only $5. extra for shipping (priority mail) optional. Who gets all that product for $5. shipping anywhere? Rest of the letter is basically the same. No signature or Code number. Taking to PO to turn in today. Hope the address is not stolen also.

  274. So how is it that after 12 years they are still pulling the same trick and no one shut them down??? Why don’t people that actually sent money take this to the police or CIA (whoever takes care of that kind of crime)? People don’t want to be bothered and that’s why this scam continues for so many years. Someone has a pretty good life there if this is actually from Nigeria or Ghana.
    My letter came from Quality Publications, Phoenix, AZ. However it was mailed from Oklahoma City, OK. They must read your blog since they have a return address now and not just a P.O. Box.
    Their website looks kind of legit too with Terms and Conditions. They must’ve invested some money into their business lol. However their website is not secure.
    Thanks for this blog.

  275. Got one of these letters today… I immediately jumped on Google and did some research… Same exact letter (almost word for word except they wanted $99.00 for being a “serious home worker”).
    This letter appears to have come from “USA Printing” in Los Angeles, CA, but when I went to www . bookletsfromhome . com the address was for American Printing Company in Irvine, CA.
    I truly feel bad for the people that fall for these scams.

  276. Steve: the one I received has return address of, Irvine, CA on envelope. Send to address of Low Angeles, CA. They asked for $99.00 down with $99.00 + $35.00 if you poor out. USA printing. It like all sounds to good to be true. Also if paying by check they will not send startup package until check clears!

  277. My letter came from American Printing Company. Sounds like the same scam with a different name.Get Credit Now booklets, just staple them together and send them out. Hmmmmm , really???

  278. I just received a similar letter from quality publications phoenix az. DBA= WWW . BOOKLETPROGRAM . COM.
    $99. Refundable fee. Earn 750. To 3000. Weekly assembleing books for getting credit. Addressed from Phoenix but post marked Michigan. WTF.

  279. How can this scam still be around! I just received the same letter, although the fee is $99 (refundable) now. They must still be in business because people are sending them money. Please throw this letter in your shredder, it’s not worth the paper it’s printed on!

  280. I received a letter in thd mail today that reads, “HOME WORKERS WANTED IMMEDIATELY! We need you to assemble our “Get Credit Now” Booklets at home. Make $2,500.00 or MORE weekly! MAKE $20.00 per booklet assembled! PROFIT ON EVERY BOOK GUARANTEED!”

    Then it goes to say they will send us all the materials to start assembling the booklets, we assemble them and mail them out in the quantity requested, plus they will pay up front before you mail them out. If they request we send out 50 booklets, they will send us $1,000 then we mail them.

    Finally, later in the letter they are requesting a fee: “We would love to get you started without any registration fee, but to make sure that if you’re a serious home worker, we’re going to require a $99.00 REFUNDABLE FEE. This fee will be returned to you after you’ve mailed off your first one hundred booklets.” This is a one page letter printed on a computer, no company logo, on the back is a registration form to complete and send back with your money, and there’s even an option to check that they will double my income potential if we send an additional $99.00.

  281. l received a letter 4-14-2020. It said return the form to American Printing Company 2372 Morse Ave. Suite 687, Irvine, CA. 92614. $99.00 is now the requested Refundable fee. Plus $35.00 just for an honest try. The same $5.00 for shipping. Reading reviews l see they moved their operation from Florida to CA.
    No mention of Max on my letter. Beware of these bottom feeders scamming people of age and those who want to work and care for themselves. In actuality they have you working and sending these letters out for them. I wish the FBI would catch this group. If they can infiltrate drug king pins, mafia bosses, and social groups again the USA they can get these guys.

  282. I just received a solicitation from American Printing Company for this scam. However I did not find this scam-reporting page until I keyed in “”
    It has been a very long time since I received a letter like this that mistakes me for the kind of desperate idiots who fall for it.
    Just for the record, the return address (on attached label) is: American Printing Company, 2372 Morse, Ave., Suite 687, Irvine, CA 92614 — which is a bit odd because the envelope is postmarked from Richmond, VA!!
    That discrepancy was a big red flag that I did not immediately latch onto.
    Good luck to all of you who are looking for legit opportunities. You might be well advised to get certified as a personal assistant if you are inclined towards that type of work.

  283. Yes, it’s now from American Printing Company in Irvine, CA. Says their website is and asks for a $99 refundable fee and $5 priority shipping fee. If you “wish to double your income potential”, enclose an additional $99.
    The whole letter sounds WAY too good to be true. These people are completely taking advantage of desperate or naive people. No surprise, since the world is so full of individuals w/o a conscience. It’s sad.

  284. These scammers are still around. I received a letter from American Printing Company in Irvine, Ca, but it was postmarked from Phoenix, Az. They want the $99 Refundable Fee. I didn’t fall for this scam, but my Shredder was hungry, so I fed it the letter.

  285. Thank you for writing/warning “us” about this scam. I felt it was too good to be true, so I googled it and I eventually found your article.

    I got the exact same letter as Glenn William Hall. It appears the company name is “The Book Program” and the address to mail your registration form is
    3219 E. Callback Rd. #794
    Phoenix, Az. 85018

    They also listed

    I threw out the envelope, so I dont know if there was a different return address on it…

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