100 Free Printable Fax Coversheets

I love free stuff. If you ever find yourself in need of a crisp new fax cover sheet, for personal or business use, hop on over to MyFax.com and snag a template from their massive list of freebies. Their cover sheets are downloadable in Microsoft Word® format so they can be edited and customized with your information, your logo, etc. There are 7 main categories including basic, professional, business, urgent, modern, occupational and fun. The occupations category features accounting, bookkeeping, construction, education, finance, legal, medical, nonprofit and real estate fax cover sheets. The professional category features confidential, CV and resume fax cover sheets.

“We’re happy to provide free cover pages for anyone to download. Cover pages distinguish who you are and to whom you are sending a fax. It’s also a good way to brand yourself with your company logo, website and contact information. This is an easy and free way to add value to your brand without hiring a graphics department or using valuable company letterhead.” – Luc Vezina, Product Director at MyFax

I used to send faxes. Now, as a general rule, I scan documents and attach them to email. Occasionally I still send a document to a fax number via Windows Fax & Scan. If you use Windows, you’ll find the program by clicking on Start and typing “fax” into the search box.

Maybe you don’t like the Windows program, or you’d rather use a service to send and receive faxes via your email account. I don’t really need a dedicated fax number, but for those of you out there who do, MyFax will fit the bill.

The service enables you to manage all of your fax documents efficiently, and at a lower cost than setting up a traditional fax server or fax machine. And, perfect for the telecommuter, it doesn’t matter what your physical location happens to be that day. You still receive your fax.

Starting at $10/month (or about $9.17 a month if you pay by the year), you can send 100 faxes and receive 200 faxes a month. The plan includes a local or toll free fax number, online storage of your fax documents for a year, free set up, customer support, Microsoft® Office faxing, and more.
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MyFax also offers a free service for users who need to send a fax only occasionally. MyFax Free allows users to send up to 2 faxes per day without going through the fuss of setting up an account.
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Oh, and you can snag the free fax cover sheets here:
*100 Free Fax Cover Sheets


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