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US Organizations Waste $2.8 Billion Powering Unused PCs

“If all the world’s 1 billion PC’s were powered down for just one night – it would save enough energy to light up New York City’s Empire State Building – inside and out – for more than 30 years” … and … >>Continue reading US Organizations Waste $2.8 Billion Powering Unused PCs

Systems Analyst On the Loose

To blame? A micro managing CIO. I ran across this insightful blog post about company morale and telecommuting and am taking the liberty of including Alison’s entire post here because it’s short and sweet and because it speaks directly to company managers and human resource personnel.

While Alison generally blogs for fun about celebrity gossip, music, and her favorite TV shows, on March 4th she posted this…
Feed Up

Small Businesses Can Now Hire Virtual Assistants More Affordably

Team Double-Click® Develops Direct Placement Virtual Assistant Program For Small Businesses Who Want To Work With a Virtual Assistant WITHOUT the Ongoing Agency Fees >>Continue reading Small Businesses Can Now Hire Virtual Assistants More Affordably

NetworkWorld: 15 Real Ways to Secure Teleworkers

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s press release from the NIST about securing data, I run across an article on NetworkWorld that boils it down to a list of 15 ways to protect data.

So if you aren’t into perusing government PDFs like I am – you might try checking it out:
15 real ways to secure teleworkers – form the Community

ThomasNet’s The Rise of Digital Nomads

“Digital nomadism” combines the autonomy of telecommuting with mobility for an even more flexible work style. Now more people are ditching the office and using the world as their workspace. >>Continue reading ThomasNet's The Rise of Digital Nomads

6 Months in Paradise

I have found the perfect contractual telecommuting job for someone who can pick up and take a 6 month “vacation.” >>Continue reading 6 Months in Paradise

DC Urged to Telecommute on the 20th

The Telework Exchange released a press release yesterday urging all D.C. area organizations to allow employees to telecommute on the 20th! >>Continue reading DC Urged to Telecommute on the 20th

Hello 2009

Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year. >>Continue reading Hello 2009

Logos & Headers & Fonts, Oh My

I could really use some feedback. I’m playing around with new logos, fonts, and header images. This new header image – the one up there above where you’re reading now, with my house sketched on top of the world, also sketched (not by me but by someone with real talent for drawing and sketching), the crazy fonts for the text, and those brand new image squares on the right… >>Continue reading Logos & Headers & Fonts, Oh My

Part-Time Freelance Work Found at Ed2010

Part-time freelance web editor for national teen/tween celebrity magazine
Job/Internship type: Freelance
Company/Publication Name: —
Location: Englewood Cliffs. NJ
A national teen/tween celebrity-driven magazine is looking for a part-time
freelance web editor. We are looking for someone who works efficiently and
can write fun, engaging copy in our teen-speak voice. A passion for pop
culture is a must, and basic web experience is required. Our offices are in… >>Continue reading Part-Time Freelance Work Found at Ed2010

Find Telecommuting Jobs with Mom Corps

I mention this a day late and a dollar short, but Moms Corps, the company who (since 2005) has been helping women find flexible employment, is having an educational workshop series today for women focusing on the current issues affecting both career and family. The conference takes place this morning from 9 am to 11:30 am at the Terry College of Business Executive Education… >>Continue reading Find Telecommuting Jobs with Mom Corps

IGN is Looking. . .

for a Freelance News Poster.

If I wasn’t already too busy, I would SO apply for this job. Though they warn you right up front that working for IGN is hardly a cakewalk, the duties sound right up my alley. And, it’s a total telecommuting job – no need to relocate but you do have to be really self-motivated. If you’re not sure telecommuting is for you… >>Continue reading IGN is Looking. . .