Systems Analyst On the Loose

To blame? A micro managing CIO. I ran across this insightful blog post about company morale and telecommuting and am taking the liberty of including Alison’s entire post here because it’s short and sweet and because it speaks directly to company managers and human resource personnel.

While Alison generally blogs for fun about celebrity gossip, music, and her favorite TV shows, on March 4th she posted this…

Feed Up and Over It, My Day Job That Is
Today is the day that I finally decided I am really, really over my day job. The micro-managing CIO of my company decided to ban telecommuting due to the

“very negative perception associated with telecommuting, and now is certainly not the time to be ‘out of sight and out of mind,’ or unavailable for an impromptu in-person meeting.”

While I understand this is his feeling this will certainly be a huge negative effect on the quality of work. Times are bad enough in our industry and he is making it worse. Allowing employees to work from home occasionally is the one thing they can do that is zero cost to the company and will boost moral.

So I am working on my resume and applying to new jobs today! Anyone hiring?

That’s it. Short, sweet, and to the point. What’s not to love about this girl who knows what she wants and isn’t willing to settle for less. If she’s updating her resume and looking for work in an industry that lends itself really well to telecommuting my bet is that she’ll be snatched up fairly quickly by a company that has a very different perception associated with telecommuting. One that realizes that telecommuting can save the company a ton of money and that impromptu IMs and phone calls can be just as productive, if not more so, than impromptu in-person meetings.

So, I wanted to write a quick post today to congratulate Alison and wish her luck on her new adventures. And, in case she starts looking for a telecommuting (or at least telecommuting-friendly company) in her job search, I thought I’d see what she might be finding…

I used Indeed’s Advanced Job Search and found 40 job listings for “Systems Analyst” that also included either the words telecommute or telecommuting. Obviously I can’t qualify actual job leads because I have no idea what Alison’s strengths and background includes – but I’ll wager that it doesn’t take her long to find something. I found this as well –
Best Careers 2009: Computer Systems Analyst/Architect/Designer

Want to wish her luck, too? Here’s where….
Fed Up and Over It, My Day Job That Is.


  1. My fear is that the terrible job market conditions will be a setback (albeit, temporary one) to the cause of telecommuting. The attitude of some employers is ‘if you don’t like it, I’ve got a thousand people in line waiting to take your place’.

    After months of wrangling, at my own job, my colleagues and I have obtained the privilege to telecommute one day a week. It is a start but the current turbulence in the economy has made all of us reluctant to push it any further at the moment.

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