It’s All in the Numbers

Lottery players say, “you can’t win if you don’t buy a ticket. – True.

Lottery players also believe the more tickets they buy, the better their chances. — NOT TRUE by the way.

However, this is VERY true for the telecommuting job seeker! Lucky you. The more jobs you you apply for, the better chances you will become employed. So your goal is to get your resume to as many “qualified openings” as you possibly can. What’s “qualified openings?” Job openings that fit your skills, knowledge and experience . . . in other words, jobs that you can actually DO.

Please note, the goal is not to send out as many resumes to any telecommuting job opening or employer you find. It is very important that the job you apply to fits your skills and ability.

The best thing I did, during my own job hunt was to set goals that kept me occupied so I didn’t worry about a previous job application I had submitted. Basically: apply, file the application somewhere safe and as Tony Soprano would say . . . “faggit about it!”

My daily goal? Find ten (10) telecommuting jobs that I qualified for and submit to three (3) that I liked the best. That way I always had seven (7) or more jobs to submit to the next day — even if I couldn’t find any more job listings. Three (3) resumes a day meant eighteen (18) opportunities a week.

Why just three, why not more?

  1. It was easier to keep track of my progress . . . in essence, I could be much more organized if I limited it to three a day.
  2. I could manage this amount of work even if my kids were home sick or on vacation or I had a dental appointment . . . in essence, I would not loose momentum in my job search even if “life got in the way.”
  3. If someone contacted me about the next step to employment, I don’t have loads of paper to shuffle through to figure out just who this potential employer is.
  4. So set a daily goal to optimize your opportunities and to keep you busy while those opportunities are doing their work in your life.

Happy Hunting!

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