Seeing Life through Gratitude Glasses

by Lori Radun

Your boss calls you in his office today and hands you a $2,500.00 bonus check because the company had a good year. Are you thankful?

You go in for your 20 week ultrasound. As you watch your growing baby on the screen, the doctor informs you that everything looks great. Your baby boy is healthy. Are you thankful?

Your husband comes home with a dozen roses. He remembered your anniversary! Are you thankful?

Of course you are. It’s easy to be thankful when everything is going great. When we’re on top of the mountain, and we’re having a beautiful day and our blessings are easy to see, we are thankful. And we should be.

As you sit across from your attorney, he informs you that bankruptcy is your only recourse. Your dream and your business are going down the tubes. Are you thankful?

You and your husband have been going through a rough time in your marriage for over two years. You barely speak to one another anymore. Are you thankful?

If you answered yes to these last two scenarios, you are way ahead of most people. It is not easy to be thankful when we’re sitting in the valley. When life seems to be handing us a bunch of lemons, we usually feel bitter or victimized.

Let’s assume there is a new product out on the market. You can pick up a pair of “gratitude glasses” at Target for $19.99. These glasses enable you to see life in a whole different way. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from these “gratitude glasses”.

There are no problems.
With these glasses, you have no problems in your life. Everything in your life is an opportunity. When we perceive life through our fears, unpaid bills and conflict, for instance, become problems or challenges. However, these glasses enable us to see life with loving eyes. The unpaid bills are an opportunity to learn more about financial responsibility. Conflict is an opportunity to learn how to love more deeply.

There are no mistakes.
With the gratitude glasses, mistakes disappear. These glasses help us understand that we are doing the best we can at any given moment, and so is everyone else. We all make decisions based on who we are at the time. Instead of viewing choices as “mistakes”, why not look at them as an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and other people?

There are no annoying people.
Put on the gratitude glasses and suddenly all the annoying people in your life become your friends. You’ve heard the saying, “Mean people need love.” Your new glasses now give you the ability to release your anger and understand the annoying people on a much deeper level. You begin to appreciate your differences and the judgments disappear. Your love begins to transform not only you, but others as well.

Change is good.
You pick up your gratitude glasses and put them on, and suddenly you embrace change. You are thankful that life does not always happen as planned. You stop trying to control life, and instead let life unfold. Change is exciting, fear of the unknown is gone, and you can’t wait to see what happens next. Your faith is strong and unstoppable.

Pain has a purpose.
Whether it is physical or emotional pain, it’s hard to go through life without experiencing it. But with your gratitude glasses, you see that your pain has a purpose. Your physical pain tells you that something in your mind or body is not working well. Your emotional pain is a wake up call to the transformation that is possible. Without the valleys, we cannot appreciate the mountain tops.

These inexpensive “gratitude glasses” offer so many more benefits, but what if you only received these five advantages? Would you purchase the glasses? Would you wear your gratitude glasses all the time? What if I told you the glasses were yours for free? All you have to do is shift your energy by changing your thoughts.

When we allow ourselves to wallow in victim and fighting thoughts, our brains release catabolic hormones that are destructive to our entire physical system, and ultimately, our success. By wearing your “gratitude glasses” you shift your thoughts to positive and constructive ones. Thinking thoughts of thankfulness and love makes an energetic shift in your mind and body, and the results will be astonishing.

A life coach just gave you a different way to look at life. Are you thankful?

About The Author
Lori Radun, CEC is a certified life coach and professional speaker specializing in personal development for women. For more personal development tips and the special report “5 Tips for Maximizing your Time”, visit

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