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I was having a discussion with a friend about how not all industries lend themselves well to telecommuting. My friend is a nurse, so her schedule is definitley flexible (well, not so much flexible as oddly scheduled with rotating shifts) but her current job is certainly not something she could do from home. So I went looking to see if I could find any telecommuting jobs that someone with a medical background could pursue…

I found the following job postings – all related in some way to the medical field. While the most popular medical-related telecommuting job postings are for transcriptionists, these jobs actually don’t involve transcribing medical records dictated by doctors and other medical staff.

  • Writer with Nursing Background

    “Anaxos Inc. ( needs an experienced freelance writer with a background in nursing to work on a English/Spanish phrasebook for English-speaking nurses who work with Spanish-speaking patients. Proficiency in Spanish and experience working with Spanish-speaking patients a big plus! Work starts immediately, runs through March.”

  • NOTE: I saw this job on Virtual Vocations (link above leads to the original job posting there). But you can find additional information about the company on your own (hint-hint).

  • Medical Educational Writer

    Established educational publishing company seeks professional writers to write practice questions for medical examinations in a contract-based, telecommuting position. Successful candidates will have an affinity for writing complex educational materials in a clear, concise manner. Due to the sensitive nature of our industry, we are posting this opportunity confidentially. Interested individuals should send a resume to and reference Toronto Craigslist in the subject line.

  • NOTE: I saw this job posting on Craigslist. Use proper precaution when learning details about the job and the company, but this may be a good opportunity to check out, particularly if you’ve got solid writing skills as well.

  • Medical Writer

    The Institute for Neurodegenerative Diseases, located at the University of California San Francisco and directed by Nobel Laureate Dr. Stanley Prusiner, is seeking a highly-motivated Medical Writer to assist the Director of Development in the translation of research goals and accomplishments as well as complex scientific proposals into easily understood layman’s terms for the purposes of submitting reports to donors, proposals to foundations, crafting language for end of the year mailings and updating the IND’s website. The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of molecular biology, protein chemistry and/or protein structure.

  • NOTE: Okay, it may be a long shot, but you never know… Someone reading this just might have a strong understanding of molecular biology and protein chemistry. Worth noting – the program director at the Institute for Neurodegenerative Diseases at UCSF (note the .edu email address over on the original post) posts job listings at Craigslist. Personally, I have trouble just saying the word “Neurodegenerative.”

  • Online Nursing Instructor

    Kaplan University offers academic-year, non-tenure track teaching appointments to qualified individuals who are dedicated to a high quality associates, baccalaureate and masters program. These positions offer an excellent opportunity for individuals to work with other instructors to contribute to, and be a part of, an innovative learning environment.

  • NOTE: Definitely an interesting telecommuting twist for someone in the nursing field. I’m sending my friend a link to this one. 😉

While not all jobs lend themselves well to telecommuting, if you find yourself needing more flexibility than the traditional workforce in your field provides, it never hurts to look at your options.

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  1. Hi!
    Thought your information was helpful. I’m a nurse like your friend. Looking for “options” to shiftwork and came across your site.

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