LiveOps Update

An earlier posting here on TelecommutingJournal had some comments about LiveOps. You can drill down in the comments to see how that came about.

If any of you are considering joining LiveOps, Jami, over at Work at Home Moms, posted this update about her job with them. She started her job with them on March 6th and it looks like things are going okay.

Here’s what she’s said about working with LiveOps so far:

Liveops – After being logged in for what seemed a trillion hours I finally got my introductory 30 calls in with Liveops and can now start scheduling time. When you first start you log in uncommited and you are basically at the very back of the line to get calls. I was averaging about one an hour so I literally took naps while waiting for the phone to ring and then I would jump up real fast to answer. Finally I got them done the other day and now can schedule blocks of time when the schedule rolls out on Thursday. I also got invited to take calls for their Lifelock program which is an identity protection service. I tried out for Political Outbound but was not chosen because you can’t have an expressive voice when doing those calls and even though I tried as hard as possible to talk with no expression I wasn’t chosen. I wasn’t too excited about the idea of doing political calls anyway. I will receive my first paycheck through direct deposit for this company on April 1st. They pay .25 per minute of talk time which means you only get paid for the time you’re on the phone.

If anyone else has first hand knowledge or advice about working with this company, we’d love to hear from you, too.


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