Job Posting for Personal / Executive Admin. Asst.

I just saw a really cool job posting on Craig’s List! Here’s what it says

30+ hours per week personal / exec assistant to a slightly kooky, control freak perfectionist.

Responsibilities include:
*Managing household and household staff (housekeepers, gardeners, dog walkers, misc. workers);
*Scheduling (heavy at times with lots of changes);
*Travel planning (business and leisure);
*Occasional social events / party planning;
*Seeing that the pets are taken care of;
*Household budget management including tracking expenses, and paying bills;
*Various errands, jobs, and projects.

Successful candidates will demonstrate:
*Excellent, professional communication skills — written and spoken;
*Can-do attitude and tireless work ethic;
*EXCEPTIONAL attention to detail;
*Get-it-done skills and 100% self-management;
*Creativity in solving problems;
*Good judgment in the absence of clear instructions;
*Willingness to respond to feedback.

The job’s in Los Altos and it sounds like you’d have to be interviewed… but it also says “Telecommuting is ok!”

So maybe you’re in relatively close proximity to Los Altos and looking for an hourly wage telecommuting opportunity. If so, you should definitely check this out: Personal / Executive Admin. Asst.

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