Is Your Job Search Like Pushing a Rock Uphill?

by Barry Simpson

Are you managing your job search or is it managing you? Facing clients almost every day I see their eyes start to glaze over as we begin to talk about all the activities they need to accomplish if they are to be successful. Before we think about the general process and some of the tasks let us first agree that finding a new position is akin to selling. You are the product and your resume and message are your sales collateral. Your contacts and network are your sales prospects and your research on companies and organizations is your territory management.

Successful sales people stand out in a number of ways and each of them are appropriate to the business of finding your next position.

Persistence – If you have problems with being told “NO” then you will need to change your view on job search. Sales people are often told “NO” and they move on to the next target. In every deck of cards there are only 4 aces and these could represent success of some degree, whether it is getting an interview or obtaining a network meeting. Persistence will get you through.

Organization – A key characteristic of a great sales person is organization, this includes; understanding your customer base (TARGET COMPANIES), knowing your product (YOU), keeping track of potential leads (CONTACTS) and keeping abreast of trends (RESEARCH). Use a service to help you keep track of all the pieces.

Networking – Successful sales people never stop networking. They are constantly shaking hands, exchanging cards and asking questions.

Once you have mastered these three basic items you will be in control of your search rather than the search being in control of you.

Good Hunting!
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