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I ran across a press release from, a relatively new site promising to list telecommuting jobs only and update the list daily. I checked it out and it looks promising.

The website has a nice clean look arranged like a blog with the latest job opening posts at the top. They’ve got a few articles and an RSS feed (or email subscription) so you can keep up with new posts.

However, as with most job list sites (particularly those concentrating on telecommuting jobs), to see the complete job description and apply for the job, you’ve got to pay a subscription fee:

Thanks for your interest in Instant Commute! This part of the site is for paid subscribers only. This helps reduce the number of people competing for a single job. We have different membership levels depending on your needs. All of this is backed up by our money-back guarantee at the bottom of this page.

If you opt to buy in to apply for a job you see on InstantCommute, remember the fee is a subscription fee… meaning you’ll continue to pay weekly or monthly until you cancel the subscription. You are free to cancel your membership at any time and their money back guarantee says they’ll refund your current week’s (or month’s) subscription fee if you’re not satisfied.

And, let me warn you to be careful and very skeptical about clicking on any of the ads located at the top of every page. Those ads are from Google’s AdSense program and it’s my experience (I implemented them a long time ago in hopes of actually making a dime or two back for my efforts here on this blog) that google ads catered to the telecommuting world tend to be riddled with spamalicious content. Hopefully they’ll try to thwart those types of “Work From Home Online and Make Up To $75/hour Each Day!” ads, but I can tell you it’s nearly impossible to weed out all the scams from showing up via google ads.

From the press release:

“With the instability in the job market today, poor local job markets in many areas, and the high cost and hassle of moving, more and more people are searching for jobs they can do from home,” said founder Michael Nehring. “Furthermore, with the increase in knowledge-based jobs, there are an increasing number of jobs that can be done from home. Combining this with the cost and environmental impact of commuting, this is an ideal time to be looking for a telecommute job.”

In Microsoft’s annual Work Without Walls survey, they found that Atlanta, Dallas, and Phoenix were the three cities friendliest to telecommute workers.’s team of job finders search through local listings in all the top metropolitan areas to locate telework jobs from across the country. Since these jobs can be done from anywhere, makes it simpler and less time-consuming for anyone to locate appropriate jobs based anywhere in the country.
Telecommute Jobs Now Listed on

All in all, is a good resource that might turn out to be handy in your telecommuting job search so long as you know exactly what you’re getting into while you’re there. I did see one posting that included the job applicant “must be local to the Portland area,” so be sure to read the short job listing description thoroughly.

Subscribe to their RSS feed or email updates to watch new listings and if you find one you think you might be perfect for see if you can figure out where the listing might have come from. If you can’t find it, subscribe and apply. Just be sure to remember you now have a running membership that you’ll have to continue to pay for or remember to cancel.

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  1. Thank you… your site is very helpful and informitive.. you have opened my eyes to all the BS I have been going through to find a REAL at home job. I am just starting my search so I will be using your site offten. thanks again… Gene

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