Getting Older, Multi-Tasking & My Living Will

Let’s face it – after 10 years of working online I’m TEN years older.

I know, it’s not exactly rocket science, but it just dawned on me today that I’m not the same person I was ten years ago. Every day (or night or weekend) when I’m working here at my desk I feel just the same. I still enjoy my job and I even enjoy maintaining this blog and a myriad of other things I get into online. So I don’t feel any older day-to-day. Sure, it’s harder to keep up with the kids and every year my new glasses look more and more like an old-lady pair (according to my husband). But I don’t feel like I’ve been here, at my desk, for a decade!

I should have seen it coming. I’ve had to ask a younger co-worker about being Rickrolled, about WoW and MMORPG, and she’d even given me a heads up to the pirates vs the ninjas meme because she knows I’m old and looks out for me. Sure, I’m aware of MySpace, and I even have one, but the attraction with it, for me, is just not there.

But none of that really clued me in to just how old I’m getting.
Instead, it t was two totally harmless jokes I saw/received today that led me to this grand epiphany. So for fun, I’m going to share them here.

First, I saw this cartoon…

over at a blog I like to check out once in a while called My Interesting Files. I love the premise of the blog – the idea that all those emails she’s keeping in her archives might be of interest to others, too. Be sure to check out the rest of the Computer Humor Cartoons.

But how did seeing that cartoon make me feel my age?

Well, I like to multi-task (which is good since I really have to just to survive in my day-to-day world). My washer and dryer are downstairs in the laundry room and when I saw that cartoon I got more excited than I should have. My mind raced…

Man, what a difference THAT invention would make in my life. If I didn’t have to commute downstairs to do the laundry I could just rotate loads right here while I’m working! I have front-loaders, it could work. What a time saver… and what else could I re-arrange, maybe the kitchen sink and oven could be closer, too. If I just moved my computer into the kitchen I could…

I did manage to regain my senses and my desk is not in the kitchen and my washer and dryer are still downstairs in the laundry room. But then I quickly realized there’s just no way a young, hip person would have ever gotten that entranced at the idea of having the washer at her left hand and the dryer at her right while sitting at her desk.

Then tonight my mom sent me an email with the subject: My Living Will.

All of a sudden I felt really, really old and there went the “old-lady-mind-cycle”…

Has my mom just sent me her living will attached to an email? Is there something I should know? She’s not old enough to need a living will! I’m definitely not old enough to have a mom who’s old enough to need a living will… Then I remembered, she already has one. And I am old enough to have one, too!

Depressed, and feeling even older than before, I opened the email and saw this:

Laughing keeps you young, right?!