How to find telecommuting jobs and opportunities.

Award-Winning Telecommuting Jobs Site

Telecommuting jobs, or tjobs, is a job-search site restricted to only listing jobs available to telecommuters. The job postings are pre-screened but it’s the user’s responsibility to check out any posted offers they might want to respond to. has been around since 1996 and is still a great resource for finding legitimate telecommuting work.

Job postings are divided into… >>Continue reading Award-Winning Telecommuting Jobs Site

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The Real Deal on Telecommuting

The ONLY thing I ever spent any money on in my own work-at-home job search was an eBook called, The Real Deal on Telecommuting.

Rosalind Mays, the author of the Real Deal, was around on the web back in the late 90’s. I know because I spent the $5 for her eBook and never regretted the purchase. It is actually full of helpful information and… >>Continue reading The Real Deal on Telecommuting

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Searching on Job Search Sites

One way to look for and find telecommuting jobs is to sift through search results from job-search sites. For example, if you look at’s job search page you’ll see that you can enter search parameters.

In the keywords box, enter the word telecommuting, choose a location close to you or leave it blank in the next box and then select a job category. >>Continue reading Searching on Job Search Sites

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Basic Advice for Work-at-Home Wannabe’s

When I first began looking for legitimate work that I could do from home I searched the Internet for “work at home jobs.” I learned very quickly that I (a new mom interested in working at home to find balance between motherhood and career) was the prime target for every work-at-home scam on the web. Continuing my search on the pre-Google Internet was daunting at times but I learned quite a bit. >>Continue reading Basic Advice for Work-at-Home Wannabe's

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