Automotive Journalist at Top Speed is hiring an automotive journalist (paid position)

Love cars? Want to write about them? is looking to hire a dedicated auto journalist (editor/blogger) to join their team. If you’re good – they’ll pay you. They’ll also usher you into the cult of automotive journalism which evidently includes tagging along to auto shows, podcasting, getting into a media vehicle or two, and (of course) extracting great automobile articles from you along the way. They promise that all this is in a day’s work, and every moment is fun – for the right person.

Interested? Keep reading . . .

They’re also still looking for volunteer help.

If you want to get published in our site and read by more than 30,000 unique visitors daily. You can submit articles, computer rendering, pictures, or drawings to our team. We’ll do our best to feature it on the site.

Volunteering doesn’t pay, but you never know what opens doors and if you don’t get the paying job, offer to volunteer some stuff!

You may also want to meet the TopSpeed team before you reply or volunteer.

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