Attention Employers! Getting the Best TeleCommuter for the Job

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Hiring TeleCommuters offers choice of the best talent from anywhere in the country and generous overhead and office-space cost-savings. But what TeleCommuter Screening Tools assure employers get those with the best skills match and work-attitude for their jobs – who they can trust out of the office?

Mundelein, IL (PRWEB) May 23, 2006 – You like the concept of having the choice of the best skills talent from anywhere in the country. And the generous overhead and office-space cost-savings that come with hiring a TeleCommuter. But can you get yourself to trust people with the work that runs your company…or the work you provide for your clients…if you can’t walk down the hall and look over their shoulder? If they’re doing your work half way across the country?

The tools to build the trust necessary to profitably, and comfortably, employ this growing, viable, alternative workforce are here today. Thanks to the vast array of collaboration technology now being offered…and for some TeleCommuter screening techniques developed over 10 years of connecting employers with the TeleCommuter talent they needed at the Telecommuting Jobs website.

What are those TeleCommuter Screening Tools being used by employers to help guarantee they get those with the best skills match and work-attitude for their jobs – and for their own peace of mind?

* Provide complete job skills and experience requirements in the job listing. So critical to narrowing the field to only those you want to apply… yet so often not given the little additional time it takes.

* Know the level of professionalism of the applicant’s home workspace. All applicants at the Telecommuting Jobs website are required to include a link to their InSiteOffice in all applications, which shows how well-equipped they are for the job.

* Pre-screen. Narrow the field of applicants even further to those most suited for your job by including pre-screening questions in the job listing.

* Skills-test. Have top applicants you receive take the many free skills tests available and send test results to you. Or use the many other tests available to skills-match applicants for your specific needs…and even work-attitude test them.

* Interview applicants online. There are free, web-based collaboration tools to easily and almost instantly invite your applicant in for an interview. With a meeting room, real-time whiteboard, desktop screen capturing and Instant Messaging. Just one of the collaboration tools now being used to work with, supervise and time-manage TeleCommuters. Some available for free, most for free trial so you’re not guessing at what works best for your situation.

* Project-trial your top choice for the job. The beauty of hiring a TeleCommuter is that the final litmus test of getting the best person for the job can be a trial on a small project…without a lot of cost or long-term commitment.

These hiring tools and techniques to get the best TeleCommuter for the job are put to use by employers free of charge every day at the Telecommuting Jobs website ( [Telecommuting Jobs]). Also, adding to the benefits of hiring TeleCommuters are the free posting of job listings and other hiring assists offered.

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  1. Wow, that is a bit extreme. I haven’t been in quite that siiuttaon but have certainly had plenty of times when I’m working with coworkers or a boss I’ve never met (just not the whole team all at once). I’ve never had a problem. I think with the right skills, you can have terrific working relationships without ever having to meet the people face-to-face.

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