7 Reasons to Promote Your Company by Telecommuting

Today’s technology makes it easier and cheaper than ever to set up a fully functional telecommuting employee especially with widely available Hosted PBX Services and VoIP telephone systems. When you examine all of the reasons to have your employees telecommute, the remaining questions are no longer “Should we telecommute?” The questions become: “Who in our organization can telecommute?” and “How quickly can we implement telecommuting and start enjoying the benefits?”

At least that is what the questions should be. In case you are not already convinced, here are some reasons to deploy telecommuting in addition to saving the company money and making your employees ecstatic:

  1. Employee Recruitment – Having employees work from their homes is a strong recruiting tool.
  2. Increase Pool of Applicants for a Position – Telecommuting will make a new pool of potential applicants available including stay at home parents. Many of the parents are very skilled but have chosen the role of family primary care giver. Now you can tap into their talents.
  3. Reduced Carbon Footprint – The miles each employee drives each year will be dramatically reduce by eliminating their commute. The carbon footprint of each employee will be reduced by driving fewer miles.
  4. Relieve Congestion on the Highways – Each car removed from the morning and afternoon commutes makes a difference in the traffic congestion of our cities.
  5. Reduce Smog in Polluted Cities – Make a difference in city smog by reducing your employees’ carbon footprint and by also relieving traffic congestion. Not only will you save emissions from your own employees’ vehicles, but when everyone else gets to work just a little faster, emissions will be saved from their cars, too.
  6. Lessen Dependence on Foreign Oil – Fewer gallons of gas will be consumed by limiting the amount of miles driven by your company’s employees and making a fractional improvement in the commute of the remaining cars on the road. Consuming fewer gallons of gas will make a difference in America’s dependence on foreign oil.
  7. Boast Your Company’s Record on Green and Patriotism – Brag and promote the difference your company is making in the environment and what it is doing to reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil.

These are only a few of the many reasons why every company should consider telecommuting in addition to saving the company money and creating strong employee loyalty. With the advent of Hosted PBX Services and the development of VoIP telephone systems, the greatest reason of all is how easy telecommuting has become to implement.

About The Author
James Waldrop is president of IMS providing HostMyCalls, a Hosted PBX Service for an Economic Savvy Business. Discover the many benefits of a Hosted PBX Service at http://www.hostmycalls.com/about/. Learn helpful communication tips including how to design the perfect telecommuting environment or submit your sales questions at http://www.hostmycalls.com.

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