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The Benefits of Employee Telecommuting Infographic

As many as 30 million Americans work from home at least one day a week; of those, about 3 million never set foot in an office because they work from home full time.

What does this mean for businesses and workers?
If those with jobs compatible for telecommuting and a desire to work from home did so even half the time, the national savings would eclipse $700 billion a year.

Employees in all work-from-home arrangements, whether part time or full time, report less emotional and physical fatigue than on-site workers.

Find out about more benefits in this infographic, created for BOLT by InfographicWorld… >>Continue reading The Benefits of Employee Telecommuting Infographic

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World Wide Time Killer Survey From OfficeTime

I like infographics, who doesn’t? There’s a pretty cool one from the folks at OfficeTime illustrating the top 10 time killers and ways to thwart them. I don’t use for time tracking – though I think maybe I should give it a spin. I already track time for invoicing and productivity reasons,

As part of the infographic, there’s a flow chart that helps you figure out what kind… >>Continue reading World Wide Time Killer Survey From OfficeTime

Telework Week & Telework Exchange Changes

It’s nearly time for the 3rd annual Telework Week, the global effort to encourage agencies, organizations, and individuals to pledge to telework anytime during the selected week. This year – Telework Week is from March 4-8, 2013.

Visit www.MobileWorkExchange/TeleworkWeek to pledge to telework during the week or to calculate the potential cost savings and environmental impact for doing so.

Telework Exchange touted more than 71,000 individuals and… >>Continue reading Telework Week & Telework Exchange Changes

5 Ways To Work Smarter In The New Year

With the New Year comes the promise of new resolutions. Some of you might roll your eyes and shake your heads at the thought, but there are those of us who tack bright paper lists to our work spaces as a festive mantra of new beginnings.

Whether it’s the exercise bike that’s become a clothes rack that left you jaded towards resolutions, or the money saved from eating out… >>Continue reading 5 Ways To Work Smarter In The New Year Has Acquired vWorker

I received an email yesterday me know that has been acquired by vWorker. I’d never even heard of vWorker, though I have heard of RentACoder. Here’s what the letter from Matt Barrie, Freelancer’s CEO, said: is proud to announce that we have just acquired vWorker!

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, vWorker has over 2.5 million enterprise and professional users from around the world, who… >>Continue reading Has Acquired vWorker

Tiny Details Update – An Assembler’s Point of View

Back in September of 2006, we wrote this post about Tiny Details and how working for them, from home, might just cause more of an enormous headache than it’s worth for the supplemental income it could afford. Over the years we’ve receieved a lot of comments about that post. We started wondering if we were a tad cynical and harsh and admit that we based our opinion solely on… >>Continue reading Tiny Details Update - An Assembler's Point of View

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How to Use Keywords in Your Resume to Improve Your Online Job Search

by Kimberly Ben

Including keywords in your resume is a job search strategy you can’t afford to ignore. Keywords are words or phrases used to help job seekers find jobs and employers find the right candidate to fill available positions. Put them into a search engine the same way you would normally search for information on the Internet. Certain industry buzzwords will often yield better search results. For instance, you’ll… >>Continue reading How to Use Keywords in Your Resume to Improve Your Online Job Search

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Telework Week Shows the Changing Workforce

While many of us have heard all about the difference telecommuting can make, not only on individual’s personal and work lives, but on the economy and future of America’s workforce, it holds deeper impact when you either live out, or see others live out, its significance.

This May, the Telework Exchange and Cisco Systems held their second annual telework week, which not only talked about telework’s impact – but… >>Continue reading Telework Week Shows the Changing Workforce

How to Make Your Closet Into A Home Office Retreat

A key factor in balancing home and work life for a telecommuter is having a home office. While the ideal might look like a floor to ceiling windowed room with ample light flooding onto an image akin to a home decorating magazine. For others it might look like a rich mahogany desk with matching built-in bookshelves, and a Great Dane regally poised beside the rustic fireplace.

But let’s be… >>Continue reading How to Make Your Closet Into A Home Office Retreat

7 Reasons to Promote Your Company by Telecommuting

Today’s technology makes it easier and cheaper than ever to set up a fully functional telecommuting employee especially with widely available Hosted PBX Services and VoIP telephone systems. When you examine all of the reasons to have your employees telecommute, the remaining questions are no longer “Should we telecommute?” The questions become: “Who in our organization can telecommute?” and “How quickly can we implement telecommuting and start enjoying the benefits?”… >>Continue reading 7 Reasons to Promote Your Company by Telecommuting

Smart Women Have Rituals for Success

Do you have rituals for success in your life and business? Many of us who work at home began the journey looking for a better work-life balance, but it’s a constant endeavor that requires focus and discipline. Is the balancing act easy? Does it always work out perfectly? Of course not! Kids get sick, dishwashers break and laptops blow up!

Joy Chudacoff, publisher of the weekly ezine, Reflections On Life and Business for Women Entrepreneurs, shares the 7 rituals she uses to help her stay on course and honor what she values most. >>Continue reading Smart Women Have Rituals for Success

Biography Writer Wanted (via CraigsList)

A personal PR firm is seeking skilled, detailed writers experienced in writing web copy. This is a remote contract position with flexible hours. We utilize our team of writers on an ongoing basis so this is not a one-time project. As a writer, you will create original content for professional biographies. Client base includes executives, professionals, and businesses. The ideal candidate will consistently write content with the following elements in mind: solid organization and good flow, clear language and word choice, professional tone, high quality of content, right length, correct spelling, punctuation, and syntax. >>Continue reading Biography Writer Wanted (via CraigsList)